Danny O'Brien Saga: Will He Come to Penn State?

The Danny O'Brien saga is almost coming to a head, with three schools basically in it: Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ole Miss.

Now Penn State's got a former NFL offensive co-ordinator to run the team (and the offense), Penn State's looking in good shape to get the former University of Maryland standout. O'Brien's telling reporters positive things like:

Danny O'Brien said Penn State has a great program and this would be a great opportunity for him.

And he's looking alright, too wearing a Penn State jacket to practice. It's his second Penn State visit. He came to Happy Valley first before going to Ole Miss (I'm sure he liked what he saw there, by damn!) and Wisconsin (which may well have made him 'Jump Around'.

We've got some comments:

1)Danny O'Brien would never slaughter  a program and say: "I came to practice and I know I wouldn't get in ahead of that brilliant QB Matt McGloin, who's never made a terrible throw in his life".

2) O'Brien's probably wearing the PSU jacket for practice in the same way as he probably wore a Wisconsin jacket for a Wisconsin practice - it helped him try and imagine what it would be like playing there.

Let's have a quick look at Wisconsin: Wisconsin brings back SIX returning starters to the offence, which includes Heisman Trophy nominee Montee Ball, tight end Jacob Pedersen, and wide receiver Jared Abbrederis. Not only that, but they also bring back two starting offensive linesman, and you can be guaranteed that Bret Bielma's got another massive crop this year as well, which will help Ball. Heck, if Wiscy hadn't lost to two Hail Marys, they might have been playing for a National Title rather than Oregon, where they lost to a school with beautiful cheerleaders and a offense full of Olympic sprinters. Plus, Bielma's proven what he can do with proven starters who have transferred in - check out Russell Martin's performances last year.
Oh, and Wisconsin also stomped PSU last year, en route to a Rose Bowl.

Look, we'd love Danny O'Brien to come to Penn State. Penn State's offense might not splutter in the red zone as much (blame the offensive line as much as you want - Matt McGloin missed plenty of open opportunities there too!) as much. Silas Redd could be even more of a running threat - especially with having O'Brien at QB, defenses will become more careful with him.

But we think it's unlikely. We think he'll go to Wisconsin. But don't get us wrong, we want to be wrong on this.

Postscript: Danny O'Brien announced Wednesday that he was indeed transferring to the Wisconsin Badgers.