What happens to the Penn State Football Story?

The news that Penn State marketing king Guido D'Elia - the creator of the Penn State 'White Out'  had been let go by the powers-that-be saddened us at the VFA.

The 'White Outs' isn't the reason why we're sad. After all, we'll alway have memories of what they were like, and we're sure that anyone hired in won't get rid of Beaver Stadium's greatest tradition. Not only that, but Penn State's students are so good at mobilizing, if the students wanted to do a White Out, then they'd do it.

And although the 'White Out' is something significant at Penn State, it's not as though other teams don't do the same. If you don't believe us, watch ice hockey arenas during play-off time or videos college football stadiums all over the country (Arizona State and Michigan were our particular favorites in 2011). And it wasn't original - the first-ever 'White Out' of any significance was by the Vancouver Canucks in the 1990s (please correct us if we're wrong!).

But there's something we're going to miss, and that's the Penn State Football Story, which actually won Emmys. That's because D'Elia was part-owner of the company, and Penn State probably wanted to seem, er, whiter than white.

As a show, the Penn State Football Story is college football's answer to NFL Films. Yes, it's that good. And Penn State's administrators will get rid of it and D'Elia will resurface somewhere else. If I'm the SEC, I give D'Elia a ton of money, tell him to go to all campuses on every gameday, to do a 'SEC Football Story', which I then sell to the networks and distribute to the schools, and then sell a season-end collection of DVDs. Such is the fanaticism that something like this - if marketing properly - will sell like hotcakes.

Now there is none. Penn State probably won't bother going with another Penn State Football Story, and more fool's them.

Here's some of favourite videos made during D'Elia's time.....Thanks for your work!!

We told you so

And, of course, the Gameday at Ohio State....

Oh, and this....