the real deal.

meet jeff, my stepsister's son. here is what it comes down to. just when i think i should retire out of frustration, when this art form is compromised by well intended new photographers flooding the market for pennies, giving away the moon and knowing so little of this craft, something miraculous happens. one is appreciated for years of work, for the skill and style that is one's own. this is why i do what i do. portraiture is personal. a certain level of trust and understanding must be reached for portraits to contain any level of sincerity, authenticity. it is not about a modeling session, or looking like who they are not. it's personal. it has so little to do with glamorizing a senior to meet current trends for the sake of making imagery their friends will covet. what's the point in that? it needs to be real. jen and jeff are the real deal. and they trust and appreciate me.
so the circle of life is epitomized by this session. really, weren't we just graduating from high school and planning the next step in our lives? it is jeff's turn. his maturity and focus will certainly drive him to heights we can only imagine. i am so proud of him, and of my stepsister, who has put so much of herself into her son. i hope they will be well pleased with these. pinch me. we have a second session at the coast coming in a few months!