The Arctic Arnold THORMOO

It is 51 degrees outside here in S Michigan and I have just spent 20 minutes seriously contemplating dodging the few snow drifts out there so I can go out on the golf course and play a few holes. Most long time readers know that I play a weird form of what I call "Crippled Golf" because of my back injury, Neuropathy in my legs all leading to my disability. Basically what "crippled Golf" actually means is I don't hit it very far and i'm not very good. And you also know I live on an island in the middle of Coldwater Lake (it does now have a single road leading out to it) that has a very short 9 hole course in the middle of it.

We have our own golf cart so basically I just dress properly for the weather and jump in the cart and play. I'm a member but that hardly matters now, there is no one there. I just don't know if I am that motivated plus I need to conjure up some thing for dinner...Oh life's dilemma's!!

I am doing quite a bit of thinking about doing a post that I suspect may end up being one of the more difficult posts I do. Most readers know that I am a recovering addict/alcoholic, that I've been divorced. Folks also know that I have become a Christian and with that I have gotten quite excited and involved in various Bible Reading adventures that have turned into a Full-Fledged Ministry.

Well what I didn't initially realize was with this ministry and the fact that I am out in the open about my beliefs....I have become somewhat of a target. People looking for signs that I am not a good Christian, etc. So there is some scrutiny there. That will be the topic more then likely of my next post. But for now I need to do some stretching and get a hot shower....