Act Of Valor

I just saw this film is a movie about US NAVY SEALS that uses real Active Duty US NAVY SEALS and actual live fire footage in the film. It is a  dangerous world we live in and this film really hi-lights that fact.

It is an incredible movie, using a fictitious story but everything else about it is real. It is not gung-ho or blatantly over the top. I would say in is probably the most accurate war movie ever filmed.

I read Roger Ebert's review today which was positive overall but he claimed there really wasn't a plot...I couldn't disagree more. I thought it realistically followed a scenario much like the folks in real life would have real time, bits and pieces. In real life you never get a a comprehensive view of how something looks, no stuff gets revealed as it happens and that is the way this film is shot.

I highly recommend seeing this to anyone...even if you consider yourself anti-war, seeing what these men have to deal with...knowing it's really going on in this world will at least put things in a realistic and proper perspective. 

I knew that I would appreciate this film before I ever saw it based on the trailers but it was way better then I ever could have awesome film!