Turning The Lights Off After Paterno's Gone and Other Stories

This writer's still finding it hard to struggle with the loss of Joe Paterno.

We've tried to imagine something about next season. We've tried to cheer on new coach Bill O'Brien and imagine what it will be like if Coach O'Brien's team plays well and Beaver Stadiums rocks.

But it's a grieving process. We all need it.

And if you are still in it at the moment, check out ESPN's Wright Thompson - one of the best sportswriters in the world - and his article on Jay Paterno and a bandanna from a dog. Tears ran. Oh, and here's Jay Paterno's eulogy at his father's memorial service.

Oh, and while we're at it, here's Thompson's article on the guy turning the lights off at Beaver Stadium after everything was over.

And here's Joe Paterno's statue....

And this lovely spoken-work tribute on YouTube.