Tom Bradley Let Go At PSU

The stunning news keeps rolling in at Penn State.

Only minutes after ESPN reported that New England Patriots offensive co-ordinator Bill O'Brien had just taken over at Penn State, there was another story...

Interim coach, long-time defensive co-ordinator (and one of the best - if not THE best - in the land) and the most respected member of the Penn State coaching staff Tom Bradley is not coming back to Happy Valley.

You know what? This is a complete and utter joke. We know that the media might not like 'someone from Team Paterno' coming to the side, but getting rid of the best defensive co-ordinator in the land? Are Penn State's administration kidding?

This was PSU player Nate Stupar's reaction:

Coach Bradley was let go?!? 

Yes Nathan, we're afraid to say it was. 

The biggest school currently looking for a good defensive co-ordinator is the University of Oregon, who quite frankly could do with one. Imagine what could happen with THAT offense and Bradley's defensive mind. Seriously, imagine.

This thing just got even uglier.