grateful, and humbled.

"The walls of my home now convey how immeasurably proud I am of my daughters.  Beautiful.  Dancers.  Lovely.  Young ladies.  Kerri’s photos capture the unique and amazing personalities and talents of them.  To see my girls portrayed in a way that captures their inner beauty and their artistic gifts brings tears to my eyes.  Kerri is splendidly delightful to work with.  Her calm, gentle spirit and her swift, imaginative ideas are perfectly balanced to create an unforgettable experience.  And then, when the day is done and all the dancers have gone, I imagine Kerri’s mind racing with new and innovative ways to bring the photos to life.  Her unique products are sure to amaze and astonish.  I have received countless compliments on the metal print that hangs near my front door, with its superb quality and scalloped edges.  I consider her endless talents a gift and her dedication a blessing." - D.W.