the last new baby of my career? one should never say never, but this session was an entirely entertaining way to close this chapter, at least in theory. true to the laws of photographic-life, equipment did not perform as expected. but really, there's always a go-around if one is prepared for the unexpected. perhaps parenthood taught me that lesson. 
meet the whitakers, a family filled with laughter and ease, willingness and flexibility, art and vision - and a beautiful six-month old baby girl. thank you michelle and julian. your full gallery (including the outtakes!) is coming :)  www.kerrihamilton.com
 daddies make fantastic assistants

Michelle...check out the turnout:

This is Blue. Everywhere we went, he went. He's a Lab you know.
 Sometimes we need to stop for lunch. Or, a nap. :)
 At some point, baby is simply done. Sometimes we can get one more shot...
so...Michelle, "do you see what I see?" 
 And this one is for Julian, who took it for the team...