Well that was quite a start to the Bowl season, wasn't it?

Let's try and forget that Penn State is trying to find themselves a coach and that Ohio State is taking them all.

Let's try and forget that the Jerry Sandusky nastiness continues, and Joe Paterno looks worse and worse in every thought in terms of ignoring what happened.

Why? It's bowl season, and suddenly the mood is just a little lightened for us at the VFA.

Here are some points:

1) If you don't think the 'small bowl games' are important, then check out University of Louisiana-Lafeyette kick Brett Baer's reaction after nailing a 50-year kick that gave the Rajin' Cajuns the win in the New Orleans Bowl. And what's more, check out the freaking crowd's reaction. You think it doesn't matter to them, either?
But that wasn't all - the Cajun fans brought along around 90% of the 42,000 crowd in the New Orleans Bowl. We know that sort of crowd is going to be nothing compared to the National Championship Game, but who cares, the number was fantastic!

Or from the crowd itself (and the VFA doesn't excuse the language, but heck, at least this cameraman knew what he was talking about)

2) The end to the Ohio - Utah State Potato Bowl game was quite honestly, nuts. Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton (say that after a bottle of Southern Comfort!) runs the ball from one yard, giving the team a surprise victory. It was Ohio's first win in five bowl appearances. The Utah State Aggies must be used to heartache, after their biggest game of the season - the Auburn Tigers - ended in tears, too. But they will rebuild.
If the Potato Bowl offers this kind of game year in, year out, then sign it up!

3) Temple got only their second bowl win in school history after beating the crap out of Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl 37-15. The defence was excellent (three INTs), and Bernard Pierce who ran for 100 yards and 2 TDs.

Oh, and we're also loving this Nelly song. The Paul Rhoads video? Tears to the eyes.