Top Ten Things That Sucked About the 2011 season (on the field)

Now we've talked with some sadness about what in the hell was going on off-the-field that sucked this year, it should only be right that we talk about what sucked on the field. And no, this won't include would-be Heisman candidate Tyrann Mathieu sitting on the sidelines for a game for his misbehaviors. That would be unfair.

Anyway, here are our Top 10 disappointments of the year.

1) Big Game Bob?

For a while, the Oklahoma Sooners looked unbeatable. Their defence was outstanding in a wonderful win over Florida State (one of the games of the season in one of the atmospheres of the season), then they played Texas and quite frankly played them off the park in the Red River Rivalry, when if we're honest the best thing that Texas produced all day was the co-eds. Suddenly, the National Championship Game was going to be about Oklahoma vs the SEC, and no-one else was close. Then it all fell apart. After a thunderstorm, the Oklahoma Sooners took the field against Texas Tech....and lost, while playing terribly in the process. Then, in a result that no-one would have predicted, they then lost sensationally to the Baylor Bears and then rounded off a poor season by getting schellacked by little brother Oklahoma State. This whole 'Big Game Bob' moniker's getting a little ironic, isn't it?

2) The 'Game Of The Century'

For a week - and this includes this website - we talked up the LSU-Alabama game, or as it will be known for now on, the 'Game Of The Century'. But if we're honest, it was a game that saw both sides manage to blow it in the red-zone (LSU by bad quarterbacking, Alabama by bad kicking), with the only real bit of excitement coming with an insane LSU interception, a disallowed LSU touchdown in overtime, and, er, LSU's kickers winning the game in overtime. Otherwise, it was a war of punting without much else. Sure, everyone else will talk about the greatness of the defenses - but for a spectator, it sucked. If you wanted to watch fun, you should have watched the Oklahoma State- Kansas State, which was truly one of the games of the season.

3) Yours Offensively, Signed Penn State

As a Penn State fan, the offence was an absolute horror show. In fact, every game of TV filled the VFA with dread. Not because of ourselves, but because of how our neighbours might feel with us using such profanity. For a while Penn State was the most goddawful 8-1 team on the planet. And even after Paterno left, it continued being poor - and blame on that is going to have to go on the coaching staff. Matt McGloin didn't actually throw too many interceptions, but he sure managed to throw it away from his wide receivers when a good throw would have seen a zebra with his arms raised in favour of the Nittany Lions. The only good thing to come out of the offense this season was the play of one Silas Redd - and to him we're forever grateful.

4) Ho, Ho Hokies

Was this the same Virginia Tech team that some people thought might sneak into the Top 5? The same Virginia Tech who were torched by Clemson twice - once in the famed Hokie Stadium and once in South Beach for the ACC Championship? Wasn't this team meant to stroll away with the ACC? And to cap it all, the Virginia Tech fans couldn't even be bothered to show up for the Sugar Bowl (which they didn't deserve, incidentally) - they failed to sell anywhere near their allocation for this year's Bowl Game. Can we just stop judging Virginia Tech on the Michael Vick years and just believe that the fanbase isn't that good after all?

5) Arghh!! Aggies!

Texas A&M - at one point a sexy pick to 'do things' in the Big XII thanks to the return of Ryan Tannehill and running back Cyrus Gray - managed to spend all season long squandering double-digit leads, and frankly annoying the hell out of their very patient fanbase. They lost four of their last five games - including the 'Granddaddy Of Them All' against Texas in the last-ever rivalry game until Jerry Jones puts money in his pocket. We'd love to name the Texas loss at the worst of the losses, but if we're honest, just pick one. The Big XII are going sure going to miss you, A&M. Enjoy your life of mediocrity in the SEC West.

6) The Rest Of The SEC (bar Vanderbilt)

OK, LSU and Alabama were the two best teams in college football this season. We can comfortably say that both teams would have eaten Brandon Weedon and the Oklahoma State Cowboys alive in the National Championship game, so it's probably better for Mike Gundy's ego that they didn't play each other. However, the rest of the SEC, was really not that special. Arkansas somehow managed to make it to the Top 3 in the nation, despite their only big victory of the season being against a A&M team that coughed up big leads against [add names here]. South Carolina couldn't touch the SEC West teams (their first loss was ironically against a poor Auburn side, who struggled to beat Utah State on the first Saturday of the season), and Georgia didn't play either Alabama, LSU or Arkansas to prove their worth. Florida was simply awful - perhaps it's better that Fat Charlie The Archangel has got his divorce and is flapping off to Kansas, where he can teach another program how to suck. Mississippi State disappointed, and Ole Miss and Kentucky, well, were Ole Miss and Kentucky. And that's not a compliment.

7) Ohio In A State

Sure, we expected the Buckeyes to suck after their off-season problems, but did anyone expect them to suck as badly as they did? Really? Anyway, this bad season's going to be a one-season thing - we fully expect Urban Meyer to restore the Bucks to their former glories. But gosh, was it a bad year.

8) Mess With Texas!

The Longhorns may have won the last game of the season against the Aggies, but that hasn't papered up the cracks of what has been yet another disappointing year for Longhorn Nation. Not only were they destroyed by both Oklahoma teams, but they were handily beaten by the Baylor Bears, too. The offense didn't just look bad, they looked downright lousy, and God only knows who's going to be the starting quarterback - we just don't think Case McCoy's OR David Ash have got it at the moment. If this continues, the burning Austin heat will be warming on Mack Brown's behind.

9) Missed-State

There was a lot of noise about Mississippi State before the season. Starting the season ranked in the top 25, people thought that this team might trouble people in the SEC West, and we were on the edge of our seat to see what Dan Mullen could get out of the Cowbell boys. Unfortunately, what we got was rather a disappointment, with MSU played valiently but not wonderfully against LSU while getting flattened on the road by Georgia. This could have been better- so much better. But it wasn't. Again.

10) Arizona, Arizona, Arizona

The Sun Devils were a sad story in 2011. After a prodigious win in front of a blacked-out, noisy Sun Devil Stadium (and Joe Tessitore!) against Missouri, as well as another one against USC, ASU looked as though they were going to be the real deal. Dennis Ericksson was going to take Forked Nation to the Pac-12 Championship Game, and it could be roses after that. Despite getting destroyed on College Gameday by the Oregon Ducks, the Sun Devils had it all. But instead, they managed to lose their last four games, which includes awful losses to Washington State, coach-less Arizona, and equally terrible UCLA. Instead of Ericksson taking his forks to the Pac-12 Championship Game, it was Dennis who was told to get forked.