The Worst Timing

Want to know why I haven't blogged lately?

Because I have been down and motherfucking out.

Last weekend Ruby was sick with the flu.  And don't you just know that Sunday night that flu hit me so hard that I felt I might die in my sleep.  Rather I wished I would.  It was full on, every symptom, full blown flu.

But that's not all!

Monday and Tuesday - when I should have been home, resting, trying to get better for the upcoming festive season - I was at work enduring, single-handedly, a pension audit.  It was an external audit, performed by a very large firm. I have never been through an audit to this degree before and our pension practices have never been audited before.  A simple 8 hour day was not enough.  No, I was at work for 11 hours each day - in pain, aching, skin hurting, eyes burning, shivering, sneezing, sweating, crying.  Yes, it's pathetic but I was crying.

Since then, I've slowly upgraded from the worst flu ever to a severe chest and head cold.

I am physically exhausted. Like, sit-down-on-the-bed-to-put-socks-on-and-fall-asleep exhausted.

You know how when you're sick for a long time you start to get depressed?  Yeah, well... that.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve.  I pulled out the gifts today and realized I'm not done yet.  I'm not sure how I could have thought I was done. Maybe in my feverish delirium I hallucinated having everything I needed to pull off Christmas.  So I guess I'll be out there with the last minuters tomorrow, trying to pick up the stuff I still need.  Thankfully my kids are 3 years and 18 months old and they won't really know the difference if there are only 2 items in their stockings and nothing under the tree is wrapped.