Oh Christmas Tree...

Having a kids birthday in December makes the busiest month of the year all the more busy.  Still, I have vowed that we don't bring Christmas into our house until after Ruby's birthday on the 13th.  I think it would be hard enough having a birthday in December, I always want her birthday to be about her and Christmas can wait until after.

Funny, it was the day after Ruby's birthday that I even started to feel twinges of Christmas spirit.  Either I've conditioned myself to shut out Christmas until the 14th, or the stress of a 3 year old's birthday had lifted and I was open to feel some Christmas joy.  Either way, we put up our stockings and got a tree this past Friday and I went on a determined shopping spree on Thursday afternoon and got most of everything bought.  I also owe some sanity to online shopping this year - that shit is handy.

Decorating a Christmas tree with two toddlers is an interesting experience.  Things happen that you don't anticipate - and I tried to anticipate everything. Once the tree was home, Steve and I poured ourselves a couple glasses of Christmas cheer and I made us a plate of nachos to nibble on while we decorated.  While we were doing that, we heard the twinkling noises of fragile things breaking in the other room.  The kids had managed to open the boxes of decorations and Lincoln was single handedly testing each and every decoration to see which were breakable and which were not.

Thankfully he hadn't yet made it to the box of ornaments that were expensive or had sentimental meaning.  I found that box, taped it shut and packed it away - deciding to take those decorations out of rotation this year.  

After the nachos were made, I was stringing the tree with lights when I heard Lincoln crunching on something behind me.  I turned around expecting to see him eating a nacho but he had a shard of broken ornament in his hand and was standing watching me decorate, while munching on it casually.  

And so the decorating pretty much stopped at the lights.  There are about 6 unbreakable ornaments and a few candy canes hanging high on the tree and we've decided that's good enough.  I'm calling it the "minimalist" look this year...

Hey - on the bright side, it's going to be super easy to take down and put away.