Mark Richt Is The Best Guy In the World -NCAA

It must just be Christmas, but when we heard about Mark Richt's citing by the NCAA for minor infractions, all we could do is want to give the man a hug and give him a round of applause.

In a world of fake weed, email cover-ups and child molestation, Mark Richt did something really, really cool.

He paid his assistants because he didn't think they were getting adequately paid by the University of Georgia.

Instead of giving our own take on it, we'll let ESPN's reporting do all the work:

"To former recruiting assistant Charlie Cantor, $10,842 over an 11-month period through March 2011.

• To former linebackers coach John Jancek, $10,000 in 2009 after the previous university administration declined to give Jancek a raise when he turned down a coaching opportunity elsewhere.
• To director of player development John Eason, $6,150 in 2010 when his new administrative position called for a salary reduction after he stepped down from an assistant coaching position on Richt's staff.
Richt also paid a total of $15,227 when the school -- citing "difficult economic conditions being experienced by the University" -- refused bowl bonuses to 10 non-coach staff members: director of sports medicine Ron Courson, video coordinator Joe Tereshinski, strength coaches Keith Gray and Clay Walker, football operations manager Josh Brooks, high school liaison Ray Lamb and four administrative assistants.
He also paid a five-year longevity bonus of $15,337.50 due to tight ends coach Dave Johnson when he took a job at West Virginia in 2008 just short of his fifth anniversary coaching at UGA and $6,000 to fired defensive ends coach Jon Fabris in 2010 when Fabris was unable to find a job after his UGA severance package expired."
Our favorite one of these has to be the $6,000 he gave Jon Fabris when Fabris was unable to find a job after his UGA severance package expired. Thankfully, Fabris has now found work under Charlie Strong as the defensive line coach at Louisville, but Richt didn't have to put his hand in his pocket. He did because he's a decent person.

THIS is why a lot of people love Mark Richt - and these NCAA infractions don't reflect how bad he is - but how AWESOME he is.

Thanks for making the world a lot better, coach Richt.