It is with great difficulty I write this, so bare with me it's more for me than you.

Dec 1, 2011, and I lost my brother.

Matthew Michael Wyness
Born Feb 20, 1990
Apprentice Mechanic

Matt passed away peacefully in his sleep unexpectedly.

Boy am I going to miss you Matt. We had plans for you to meet up with us on our sailing trip, you had just sent in you passport application. You were bragging about all the overtime you were getting so that you could really live large where ever we met up.

I'm so glad to spend the precious few years you had in this world with you. You calm demeanour always simplifying things that seemed out of control. You had a gift for mechanics, and you possessed a special spot in the heart of all those you met. You were compassionate and fair, always putting others before yourself. I'm so glad we spend so much time together after I graduated University and you high school. Our sailing trip to desolation sound was the kickoff to our sailing adventures and I know you will carry on those adventures with us, in our heart and looking down from above. Helping us in times of need.

Matthew you were the best brother anyone could ask for. I am proud to have known you so closely, and you will for ever be a piece of me.

Love your big brother