Heisman Trophy: The Right Guy Won It. Now for the draft?

After we spent a ton of time trying to convince you all that Robert Griffin was the right person to win the Heisman, it was to our astonishment when he actually did.

In the general scheme of things, in terms of money we still believe that Andrew Luck is going to be the No.1 pick in the draft. He's a more accomplished leader and a passer and he's got all the skills that the Indianapolis Colts will need if and when Peyton Manning steps down as their leader worst team in the NFL will need in a new quarterback.

Griffin, however, could be a good alternative for teams missing out on Luck, bearing in mind that not every team with a crappy quarterback can draft Andrew Luck. As we saw at Baylor, the guy doesn't make a whole lot of mistakes, and he's been more clutch than a European car convention. And speaking of cars, he's got some wheels, too.

But the question for the NFL Scouts is: Is RG3 going to be better in the pros than Landry Jones, Oklahoma's quarterback? Well right now, the stats and awards look pretty good, don't they?

And here's his highlight reel: