After Much Consideration -The VFA 2011 College Football Awards

Now the Golden Globes nominations are on the table ('Ides of March' for Best Picture - seriously??) and the Heisman Award has been given (we love you RG3!!),  the View From North America (that's the VFA for short, folks) has decided that's it's high-time that we give out some awards of ourselves.

(Before we write this, we'd like to acknowledge that this award will forever be in your hearts, players)


Baylor Bears - We know that they weren't unbeaten, but the win over TCU at the start of the year, the play of a certain dreadlocked quarterback, and the fact that they beat Texas AND Oklahoma in the same season. If you claim that you were expecting this, you were lying.

Runners-up: Kansas State (Bill Synder's making a film - it's called 'Miracle on Purple Street', starring the 2011 Kansas State Wildcats. The finale's yet to be written, as it's going to be staged at the Cotton Bowl against a not-terribly-unimpressive Arkansas Razorbacks team. But we can't wait), LSU (Bring 'em ALL on!), Clemson (Taking their talents to South Beach for the Orange Bowl), Alabama (that defense is beastly), 


Robert Griffin III (Baylor)

Excellence comes with speed and accuracy. And RG3 had a whole lot of both. And he can catch too - remember that play against TCU in the dying minutes of the first game of the year? And what's even more annoying, he's also humble, too. Which we love. Can't wait to see him in the NFL.

Runners-up: Andrew Luck (Stanford) - The fact that he didn't get a Heisman will fall into insignificance after he goes swimming in $100 bills after the 2012 NFL Draft; Trent Richardson (Alabama) - A human wrecking ball for the Crimson Tide; and Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) - Should have been in the Heisman shout ahead of Montee 'Cannon' Ball.


Bill Snyder (Kansas State)

What a season for Kansas State - what a season. Manhattan became a place you actually wanted to watch football this season...

Runners-up: Les Miles (LSU) - Mad he might be, good coach he is; Mark Richt (Georgia) - Survived the fire and got his team to a SEC Championship Game; Brian Norwood (Baylor)


1. Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31- Denard Robinson wins it with two seconds left after Notre Dame goes ahead with 30 seconds left. The atmosphere in the first Irish - Wolverines night game at The Big House was incredible, and the finish matched it.
2. Iowa State 37, Oklahoma 31 - A brilliant game trainwrecks Oklahoma State's National Championship chances. Paul Rhoads makes us all cry with his "I am so proud of you guys speech". World a better place. Again.
3. Stanford 56, USC 48 - A three overtime wonder show from two vaunted Pac-12 teams. The only thing missing was the Hollywood ending (which would have been the Trojans winning!).
4. South Carolina 45, Georgia 42 - An absolute classic where South Carolina proved how good its defense is, and Georgia proved how good its offense is. Had Stephen Garcia behaved himself and Marcus Lattimore not gotten injured, we feel that South Carolina would have made the SEC Title game.
5. LSU 9, Alabama 6 - A defensive war played in front of a very, very loud Tuscaloosa stadium that finished on an OT knife-edge. If you love defense, this was the game of the season.


NC State wins our vote for its amazing 27-point comeback after going down 41-14 early on in the third quarter. They scored 35 points in the fourth quarter. Awesome, eh?


The atmosphere in Tuscaloosa was noisy, tense and tribal all at the same time when LSU and Alabama got together for the 'Game Of The Century' in early November. At times you could cut it with a knife, at times you wanted to cut off your own ear with a knife just to stop it bleeding. And that was just from watching it on TV. We can't imagine what it was actually like for fans who went there.

Runners-Up: The explosion of noise that was Tallahassee, Florida for Oklahoma's visit to Florida State. From the cheerleaders to the co-eds to the game itself.....EVERYTHING was awesome about that game. Then there was Notre Dame's trip to Michigan at night; as well as Nebraska's trip to Penn State the week-end after The Worst Story In College Football Perhaps For A Lifetime emerged. And if we can have a last one, it was at Camp Randall on the opening day of the season. The Miami - Virginia Tech game was pretty nuts, too.


Oklahoma vs Florida State - Awesome for 101 reasons, not all of them publishable. Best sight was frat guys beating the crap out of a car with hammers. The car had 'OU' letters on it.

Runners Up: LSU vs West Virginia - That's what you get when you let Cajuns and Coach Burners loose with each other. Madness ; LSU vs Alabama - One word: Frenzy; Arizona State vs Oregon - Oregon. Cheerleaders. Corso in a ducksuit. How awesome is that? Nebraska vs Wisconsin - Something spectacular was in the air at Camp Randall. We should have known - his name was Russell Wilson.


Joe 'Nuclear' Tessitore (ESPN) - It seemed that whenever Tessitore and Rod Gilmore were at a game, the game was spectacular. It started with TCU-Baylor, then it was Missouri - Arizona State in the 'Black Out' at Sun Devil Stadium. There was something in the air every time these two commentated. He's not looking to go to the State of Oklahoma on vacation anytime soon, after calling OU's upset by (you've guessed it) Baylor and a week later Iowa State's upset of Oklahoma State. Let's hope for more of him next season, eh?

Runners-Up: Mike 'Friesian' Patrick (ESPN) - How many 'Holy Cows' can you get in an awesome Miami-Virginia Tech game at Hokie Stadium? A lot. ; Brent 'Honestly I don't Have Any Money On This' Musberger - The best irony of the whole 'Game Of The Century' Weekend was that the best game was that called by Musberger and Herbstreit when Kansas State and OSU got together.

And now, here's something from the Oregon Cheerleaders (Our Cheerleaders Of The Year)....