Wow. A Rivalry Weekend That Actually Let Down: Week 13 Thoughts

"Rivalry weekend" - the weekend of Thanksgiving - is always a weekend I look forward to. There are great rivalries (and great names for rivalries) all over the shop. We couldn't wait.

But this year, it was different. Sure, the games existed. But apart from Texas- Texas A&M on Thursday night, which games really lit you on fire? The high-scoring Michigan 40, Ohio State 34 must have been up there, but the biggest headline otherwise was Alabama ripping apart Auburn in the Iron Bowl and LSU (who doesn't have a team to pick on, unless you count Tulane or Louisiana-Lafayette) hammered Arkansas  in a game that went from potential upset to absolute wreckage.

Anyway, here's who impressed us and depressed us.



Ended a seven-year hex by beating Michigan. Sadly for the Wolverines, it's since been announced that Urban Meyer's going to take control of the Buckeyes, which means that it could be a long wait for the Wolverines to get their next win. But with Brady Hoke in charge, the game's sure are going to be closer!

Robert Griffin III (ahem, Baylor)

Robert Griffin got a shoulder to the head in an awful clash against Texas Tech. He got up, shook it off, and ran in the touchdown a few minutes' later. He was then taken off for the rest of the game. If you want a 'Player Of The Year' and 'True Difference Maker To His Team', it's RGIII. Sorry, Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson.


Down nine and looking awful, Texas got a bit of luck in the final drive and played out of their minds of defense to win for one last time 27-25 in the best game of the long weekend. I - like many others out there - are pissed that this game's not going to be played anymore. Come on Jerry Jones, bring out your wallet!


We called for Georgia to lose against Georgia Tech, but the Bulldogs rambled the wreck in a 31-17 victory, behind a near-perfect game from one Aaron Murray, who's the best quarterback in the SEC. And this was WITHOUT running back sensation Isaiah Crowell, who has an ankle injury. Mark Richt is forgiven! Yaaay! And while Georgia fans have already informed the VFA that SEC Championship Game week is like walking into a den of sharks baying for blood, we think that the game against LSU is going to be closer than many think. The defense is THAT good, folks.


The Tigers went from 14-0 down to absolutely destroy 3rd-ranked Arkansas. Impressive? This was an incredible performance of the highest order. The only thing that wasn't so cool was Les Miles not letting Jarrett Lee take over the final quarter for Senior Day - even though the game was over by then. Oh and Tyrann Mathieu? Take a bow, Honey Badger!


Before the Bruins game we had this thought: "If the Trojans hadn't gotten into all that trouble, we're absolutely convinced that they would have been in the discussion for the National Title." The 50-0 nuking of UCLA didn't make us feel any differently, either.


Two freaking Hail Marys, and Wisconsin probably would have been No.2 and been one win away from the National Championship Game. They deserve more recognition....especially after hammering Penn State at Camp Randall.


It's hard to be impressed by a team who beats someone as defensively awful as Auburn, but hey, rivalry games are rivalry games, aren't they?

North Carolina State

Scored 35 POINTS in the fourth quarter to beat Maryland 56-41. Thanks for coaching, Randy Edsall.


Ohio State

Scoring 34 points and still losing to your most hated rival must have made Ohio State really, really bitter. That was, until the news of a certain former Florida Gators coach came through.

Texas A&M

The Aggies will blame the refs, but frankly, I think Ryan Tannehill had his eyes on that beautiful fiancee of his, who is a budding model, we understand. That lady - and her smoking hotness - ruined Texas A&M's chances of beating 'Varsity' one last time - mainly because Tannehill couldn't actually find his receivers for a majority of the game. Oh, and the refs didn't help, either.


At 14-0, we were looking at a monster, monster upset. 41 points later, and the only thing we could say about the Razorbacks is this: You're a long, long way behind LSU, boys.

Penn State

One word: Ouch.