Why in the hell is Arkansas No.3?

Sorry guys, but I'm going to go off on one about Arkansas football, the BCS, and preferential SEC treatment.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Southeastern Conference. I love Sanford Stadium, LSU noise, Bama Bombs, Auburn blue, beautiful Ole Miss co-eds and, of course, Florida cheerleaders. If I wasn't a Penn State fan, I'd be a fan of a SEC team

But this latest BCS ranking list is making me ill.

1) LSU - That's fine. They've beaten Alabama and won tough road games.
2) Alabama- They lost to LSU, and are still the second best team in the nation. Pity when they play for the National Championship they won't actually have won their division.
3) Arkansas - Seriously?

In other words, a team that has lost its biggest game of the season comfortably (Alabama), squeaked by Vanderbilt (who really ain't that good - see Tennessee loss for details) and struggled to put away Ole Miss is apparently the third-best team in the nation.

And if the Razorbacks beat LSU, we've got Texas-Texas Tech- Oklahoma II on the horizon - and it ended really, really nastily in 2008 with Oklahoma winning despite Texas beating them 45-35 in a barnburner in Dallas.

We know we sound stupid, but we're pimping for Houston to fill one of the two top spots. After all, they  the second unbeaten team out there, aren't they?