We'd Like To Apologize: Week 12 College Football Recap

This week, instead of doing our impressed/depressed list, the VFA is going to be good enough to apologize. After all, with all the apologizing that's been done this year, we thought it was the least we could do. And no, we've not been partying with Gary Pinkel.

We apologize to Iowa State Cyclones fans. We didn't think you could beat or keep in touch with Oklahoma State. But you played with a lot of balls and gave everyone a dose of "Shut The Hell Up" with your double overtime victory against the Pokes, destroying their National Championship chances. And we apologize to Justin Blackmon for putting you in our fantasy league team - never again!

We apologize to ESPN for being rude about their commentators. When Joe Tessitore's in town or lately when Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit are in town, you've got a cracking game on your hands. Blame Tessitore for the downfall of both Oklahoma State and Oklahoma this weekend, and blame Musberger and Herbstreit for the downfall of Oregon, who lost to USC.

We apologize to Clemson and Arizona State. We honestly thought you were better than that. Obviously not.

We apologize to Matt Barkley for saying that NO WAY were you better than Andrew Luck. If you stay in school this year, you'll be the top pick in 2013, if you behave yourself. And the USC Trojans? If you play like this with NCAA Sanctions, then God help us all when you don't have the sanctions anymore and actually have a good coach.

We apologize to Baylor for not believing in them. Robert Griffin, a great atmosphere and Joe Tessitore make all the difference in the world. It's funny, because Baylor may well be the best team in Texas this year.

We apologize for Ohio State fans for preparing Penn State fans for war at The Horseshoe, saying nasty things about how Buckeyes' fans were the worst on the planet. Last Saturday, by all accounts, you were decent. Even when the Nittany Lions came away with a 20-14 victory, setting a showdown with Wisconsin next Saturday. We apologize not for jumping around with you, Wisconsin fans, but this game is big time. 

We apologize to the SEC. We thought that you were a better conference than just having two teams. And yes, we know that Arkansas is No. 3. If Arkansas beats LSU, then we'll apologize again. Oh, and anyone who doesn't think LSU is classy, then give them a round of applause for taking four straight knees with three minutes left against Ole Miss while holding a monstrous lead. Either Les Miles had a line to Vegas, or he's a classy guy (it helps when you're over 40 points up!).

And we apologize to Georgia Bulldogs fans for predicting that the game would be really, really easy against Kentucky, who  - let's face it - is a crappy team in a crappy division in College Football this year. We obviously forgot that your team's really good at shooting itself in the foot and giving you heart attacks in the process. Oh, and we apologize to Dawgs fans for their student section. Any student with a season ticket who didn't show up to a game that eventually crowned Georgia SEC East Champions should be banned from the SEC Title game against LSU (we think, unless LSU implode against Arkansas). You don't deserve to go (unless there was a family tragedy etc etc, then of course, we apologize for being sooooooo presumtive).