Read This And Think About Turkey: College Football Thanksgiving Weekend Predictions

Right, it's turkey weekend. It's the long weekend when we all obliterate our minds watching way too much pigskin and eating and drinking way, way too much, and then staying in.

In the world of college football, it should be a great weekend for rivalries (Ohio State-Michigan/ Texas-Texas A&M/ Alabama - Auburn/ Georgia-Georgia Tech/ Clemson-South Carolina) as well as monster games in the (deep breath) SEC (Arkansas - LSU) and Big Ten (Penn State - Wisconsin).

We can't wait. And here are our predictions. And as it's one of the last weeks of the season, there will be a lot of them.


Texas at Texas A&M

What makes me angry is that this is going to be the last game between the two sides on Thanksgiving for the forseeable future. It's one of the greatest rivalries on the college football calendar, and the games lately have been sensational. So what happens? The Aggies run off to the SEC (where they'll be medicore and uncompetitive) from the Big XII (where they've been fun to watch, but still mediocre), and Texas stays with its Longhorn Network (Note: Not available in Memorial Stadium). Bragging rights, anybody? PREDICTION: Texas A&M wins by 3 in a game that sees the Aggies (as usual) blow a 10-point lead.


Arkansas at LSU

The biggest game of the season for Arkansas and suddenly a massive one for LSU, bearing in mind the BCS standings that sees this game as a 1 vs 3 match-up. We've been reminded by friends NOT to sleep on Arkansas - and especially their wide receivers, and we'll be interested to see how Tyrann Mathieu and THAT LSU secondary plays against a good quarterback - the first they will have played this year (because if we're honest, there's one good QB in the SEC apart from the Razorbacks' Tyler Wilson, and that's Georgia's Aaron Murray). PREDICTION: LSU wins by 10, in a game closer than many predict.

Iowa at Nebraska

Both sides ain't going to be going to the Big Ten Championship Game, but fans of both teams emerge from the corn to root for their team in the Battle Of The Corn, in what could be a rivalry for the ages (if the Big Ten designate this one as such). Nebraska's defense better improve after last week's effort against Denard Robinson, though. PREDICTION: Nebraska wins by 7

Pittsburgh at West Virginia

West Virginia ain't winning the Big East this year, but if they win their case, they won't be playing in the Big East next year, either. Having said that, let's hope that they keep the Backyard Brawl. Too many good rivalries have gone by the wayside in pursuit of money already. PREDICTION: West Virginia by 21.

Cal at Arizona State

If Utah beats Colorado and USC does this business against UCLA, Arizona State goes to the Pac-12 Championship Game, where no doubt they'll be eaten alive by the Ducks. Anyway, Arizona State last week managed to lose against Arizona (we're not joking!), and basically put Dennis Erickson's butt back on the Hot Stove. No pressure, then. PREDICTION: Arizona State screw it up again. Cal by 3.


Penn State at Wisconsin

No doubt the biggest game this Saturday will be at Camp Randall, when Penn State plays Wisconsin for a place in the Big Ten Championship. Can Wisconsin go to Indianapolis, or will the Nittany Lions win the division for [add every Penn State fan's name you know here]? PREDICTION: Wisconsin by 7 in a game closer than everyone expects. 

Alabama at Auburn

College Gameday's in attendance for this one at Jordan Hare Stadium. These two sets of fans absolutely hate each other (unless one or other are playing in the National Championship Game, when  - strangely enough - they ROOT for each other (apart from Harvey Updyke), and we expect some treatment to be thrown out on the team. And no, we don't think Auburn's going to be able to stop Trent Richardson, and we expect Alabama to stop Michael Dyer. PREDICTION: Alabama by 31.

Ohio State at Michigan

Anyone think that Ohio State's going to win this one at the Big House with an inept offence? Anyone? Anyone? PREDICTION: Michigan by 28 in a revenge beating for the ages.

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Georgia was absolutely terrible against Kentucky, and certainly didn't fill Dawgs fans with any confidence whatsoever for the SEC Championship Game. Georgia Tech - despite losing at home to Virginia Tech recently - is still a danger to anyone, and that's why.... PREDICTION....We're calling the upset. Georgia Tech by 3.

Virginia Tech at Virginia

The last big-time team who came to Charlottesville was Georgia Tech. Tech lost. This Tech? They'll give the ball to David Wilson, and pummel the heck out of the Cavaliers. PREDICTION: Hokies by 21.

Notre Dame at Stanford

After early let-downs against Michigan and, erm, South Florida, Notre Dame came back to win against Michigan State before falling to USC in a cracking home game in South Bend. The visit to Stanford's going to be difficult- particularly as it's going to be Andrew Luck's last game in collegiate Northern California football. PREDICTION: Stanford by 21.


A big game in the fact that if Rick Neuheisel's team wins, they go to the Pac-12 Championship Game. Anyway, USC was great at Oregon, so this one could be a let-down for them. PREDICTION: UCLA does the letting down - USC by 10.

Clemson at South Carolina

After their awful, awful performance at NC State, no-one's really expecting Clemson to win at South Carolina. Which is why Clemson's up for the shock. The bad news is that the Tigers are on the road and they haven't played well on the road for a while. PREDICTION: Clemson in the upset, by 4.

Oregon State at Oregon

After last week's shocker in Autzen, what in the hell's going to happen in the 'Civil War'? Sorry Beaver fans, this war's going to be one-sided. PREDICTION: Oregon by 38.

Missouri at Kansas

Kansas wins! Kansas wins! Only joking! PREDICTION: Mizzou by 21.

Texas Tech at Baylor

Everyone talks about this one being a shoot-out, but Baylor doesn't make ANYTHING easy. True, Baylor's had an incredible season packed with excitement (we love you, Robert Griffin III), but does the Bears defense EVER make things easy? Nope. PREDICTION: Baylor by 10.

Florida State at Florida

Here's the bad news for the State of Florida. Baylor's ranked, Florida, Florida State and Miami aren't. Which means this game could actually be good! PREDICTION: Florida by 3

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Despite more positive predictions early this year, then here's the news: No-one cares about Mississippi football. Again. PREDICTION: MSU by 10.

Washington State at Washington

This has been a fantastic turnaround story for Washington State, while it's been the usual disappointing one for Washington. Which is why - PREDICTION - We're picking Washington State to win by 10.