Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Are You Ready For LSU-Alabama? Week 10 Predictions

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, hands up if you can't wait for LSU-Alabama.

Anyway, now we've got our hands up, we'd like to point out that College Gameday's going to be there (so at least they got that decision right!), which is going to help ratchet up the atmosphere through the roof.

But you'll be stunned to know that there are other games out there.... SEC East leader South Carolina goes to Arkansas, Oklahoma walks to Texas A&M and Kansas State goes to unbeaten Oklahoma State. Not only that, but Oregon faces a potential upset watch when they travel to Washington - especially bearing in mind that Stanford game (the Cardinal goes to Oregon State this weekend) - which isn't an easy place to be. In the Big Ten, Michigan goes to a frosty Kinnick Stadium to face a loud Iowa, and Texas Tech goes to Texas. Oh, and Notre Dame is walking to Wake Forest - a game which incidentally is going to be on at 8pm on Saturday night. Well done, schedulers.

Anyway, here's our predictions....

LSU at Alabama

This game's going to be physical, it's going to be nasty, and by the end of the game about half of the field will be torn up as two sides battle it out in the trenches. If your kid's overweight and a future offensive or defensive linesman, give him some coke and let him stay up and watch this one - because this is how the proper kids do it.

The atmosphere in Tuscaloosa's going to be off-the-hook, but LSU can play in those type of atmosphere. Here's some questions: Can Tyrann Mathieu stop Alabama's wide receivers? Can Dre Kirkpatrick stop LSU's Reuben Randle? Who's going to win the battle of non-special quarterbacks, AJ McCarron and Jarrett Lee? Will Trent Richardson be able to run over LSU's defence. In the West Virginia side we noticed that it was difficult for LSU to deal with speed on the outside - will they be able to stop this this time? Will Les Miles discover Snow White and the other six dwarves?

Our Prediction: Alabama by 3, winning 17-14 on a last second field goal (it always seems to come down to this!)

And the others....

Texas A&M at Oklahoma

Big XII teams are going to miss A&M - they always have 'comeback of the season' against the Aggies in the second half of games. And while Ryan Tannehill can disrupt Oklahoma's defence, we can see Oklahoma turning up for this home game against a team from Texas. Prediction: Oklahoma by 30

Kansas State at Oklahoma State

Kansas State might not give any penalties away, but it sure isn't the most athletic team you'll ever see. Justin Blackmon's star has slightly faded in the second half of the season as defensive co-ordinators have made sure to crowd him out, but Brandon Weedon's got other options. That can only spell one thing for KSU: defeat. Prediction: Ride 'Em, Cowboy! Oklahoma State by 21

Stanford at Oregon State

Corvallis isn't an easy place to play ordinarily, but this is no ordinary season for the Beavers, in that they've absolutely SUCKED this year, included a loss to that well-known college football behemoth Sacramento State. Stanford won't have a problem here - we've projecting Andrew Luck to throw for around 400 in this one. Prediction: No Luck needed. Stanford by 30.

Michigan at Iowa

The cold confines of Kinnick Stadium aren't an easy place to play at the best of times, so you'll have to excuse us if we think that Michigan is going to have a problem on Saturday. The Heisman boil's gone off Denard Robinson since he was crowded out by Michigan State, and despite the fact that he's still leading a pretty good one-loss Michigan side, people don't seem to have faith anymore. PREDICTION: This an upset pick? Not in our book! Michigan by 3

South Carolina at Arkansas

The sound of clicking will be TV clickers around the country changing from the South Carolina-Arkansas game to LSU-Alabama at 8pm (even the Gamecocks and Razorbacks fans must be crying out to switch kick-off to 5pm!!). But this game's going to be pretty tidy. Arkansas scrappily got a win in Vanderbilt, while South Carolina played a dreadful Tennessee team and also got the 'W'. South Carolina's defense is playing lights out at the moment - and can this continue against the Razorbacks? PREDICTION: Arkansas by 7 in a classic that many will miss.

Oregon at Washington

Suddenly, Oregon's in this BCS Mess and could really profit if LSU lose, Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma, and the Ducks beat Stanford next weekend. In fact, we'd go as far as saying we see a National Championship Game on the horizon... Anyway, that's thinking too far ahead - especially with Washington on the agenda. Things aren't going to be easy against Keith Price and the Huskies' offence, who's losses come against two ranked teams (Nebraska and Stanford). Overlook this one at your peril. PREDICTION: Oregon wins by 21 in a game close until the 4th.

Texas Tech at Texas

This might be 'The' Thanksgiving game in 2012, bearing in mind that Texas A&M's going to the SEC and wants nothing to do with the Longhorns for the forseeable future, which is actually really, really sad. The tickets to Kyle Field will be expensive. Anyway, Texas Tech had the win of the season when they beat Oklahoma, but then they got trounced by Iowa State. Texas, who got trounced by Oklahoma and lost a messy game against Oklahoma State, is still improving, which is why.....PREDICTION: The Longhorns win! By 14

Notre Dame at Wake Forest

The biggest question asked by those going to this game's going to be: "What's the LSU-Alabama score?". And while some think the Demon Deacons can turn over the Irish, we don't. PREDICTION: Irish by 21.

New Mexico State at Georgia

Now that Georgia doesn't have a running game, Mark Richt will be accused of running the score up if he throws in the fourth quarter of this game - which will out of reach of NMSU by then anyway!! Expect Orson Charles to receive for a bunch of yards in this one as the Dawgs run riot.
PREDICTION: UGA by at least 40.