People going after Paterno, but not Sandusky

Today's been a bit of a mess in State College to say the least.

The vultures and hyenas of the press descended on State College like it was a rotting hippo, eager to get the  entrails of the animal before it became worthless. And the juiciest entrail they wanted was one Joseph Paterno, coach of Penn State University.

Well, the New York Times tweeted that Joe Paterno was going to be out, and the University was simply looking at when:

 Pete Thamel 

BREAKING:  and I report that Joe Paterno will not coach next season. Officials are planning his departure.

Well, this isn't exactly stunning news. The Jerry Sandusky case - which many members of the press is accusing Paterno of in effect covering up by merely reporting the case of abuse to Tim Curley, the former AD (he was fired this week) - has left everyone asking the big question: Is Paterno going to be around?

Everyone's weighing in on what Paterno's responsibility is. Penn State great running back Curt Warner told reporter John Canzano:

 John Canzano 
 by viewfromamerica
Curt Warner, former Penn State RB: "I love coach Paterno, but i think he has to take on some of that responsibility, maybe all of it."

But the fact of the matter is this: Joe Paterno was not indicted of doing anything legally wrong. Still, he hasn't been. Don't get us wrong, we think that it's probable Paterno WILL walk at the end of the season, and it'll be without the fanfare he deserves as a tremendous college football coach, but we don't think an an announcement's going to happen tonight. Sorry, guys.

The big reason? The team has been very vocal about getting behind the blue and white on Saturday's game against Nebraska on Twitter (our only news source thus far), and if we're honest, that's what we are going to do.

What's maddening to us is that the DA who was meant to initially prosecute Sandusky (who has seen the amount of abuse victims coming forward double to 20) in 1998 has disappeared, therefore he can't be asked why he didn't prosecute earlier.

And as for JoePa?

There were cheering students outside his house tonight, showing their support. It was pretty moving. Some people might call them misplaced, others something worse. But they love the school and they love their coach.

And with all the "We Ares", they are saying this: "Say It Ain't So, Joe, Say It Ain't So".

And believe me, I would have taken rigging a college football game over this crap.