Penn State HAS To Clear House At Season's End

Normally I don't listen - or like - what campaigning sportsblogger SportsbyBrooks has to say, but his tweet this time was simple and to the point:


The entire football program, athletic dept., and Board of Trustees needs to be fired and re-staffed. Every single one of them. Immediately.

It's a horrible thing to say, but he's absolutely right. The only way to get a cancer out of the system is to clean it out. As someone who's wife had a huge tumour removed from her body, I get this.

Goodbye Tom Bradley (he'll find another defensive co-ordinator/head coaching job). Goodbye Galen Hall. Goodbye Jay Paterno. Goodbye everyone else, from the head of PR to everyone else involved with the program.

It's not going to be easy for them - particularly in a recession. We can see Penn State quite easily going winless in 2012. But this is bigger than football. They have to start again. Heck, the school, the fans, everybody have to start again.

With two games left of this horrific football season (sorry, but we don't see Penn State going to the Big Ten Championship Game), Penn State should slash everybody when the season ends. And if it's a skeleton staff that coaches for the bowl game, then so be it. Heck, we don't think Penn State will play in a bowl game, either.