Maintanance Day

Last Friday I took the day off work and called it a "maintenance" day.  Things were building up and I needed a day to get some things in check.  I spent the morning doing housework - which may not seem like the ideal way to spend your day off but there is some sort of luxury in being able to clean your house without two miniature people (and sometimes a grown man) underfoot undoing any sort of progress you make.  And even though the clean doesn't last long, at least I got to enjoy a clean, quiet house for a few hours. 

After all the housework was done, I treated myself to a run on one of my favorite trails.  It's about a 20 minute drive from my house so I don't often have the opportunity to go there.  It's a windy, incliney/decliney 4.7km paved trail that I love running.  Friday, after I ran the loop once, I grabbed my camera out of my van and walked back a bit and took a few pictures...

Later I had a nice hot shower (in a clean, quiet house) and then visited Chapters - which I haven't done in AGES. I wandered around guilt free because there was nowhere else that I needed to be, and bought myself a new book.  I then hit the grocery store to grab ingredients for dinner (ribs and scalloped potatoes) before making my rounds, picking up the troops, thus ending my "maintenance day". 

I felt refreshed and reset and ever so glad to have taken a day to myself.