Why CBS should change its SEC games to night kick-offs

This season's been a bit of a mess for college football.

Apart from the fact that there are 10 unbeaten teams absolutely belies the fact that three schools have absolutely controlled things - LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma.

We'd go as far as LSU and Alabama have been the class of the SEC, because every other team has pretty much lacked it . The SEC East for the second straight year is an absolute mess (does anyone WANT to win that division and face LSU/Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, we ask?), and the West is two teams only (I know we'll get screamed at for Arkansas (they're a top 10 team, apparently, but we still think that the Razorbacks are pretty mediocre - especially with the fact that Knile Davis is done for the year).

And if it's massive exposure you want, then look no further than the LSU Tigers.

After Saturday's game with Auburn, the LSU Tigers have played back-to-back-to-back-to-back games on CBS (Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee and Auburn), with the Kentucky game played on the CBS-owned SEC Network. And we can say for certainty that the Alabama and Arkansas battles will also feature on the same network. That's on top of being on College Gameday twice already.

For major fans of college football, this is pretty sad. Not because we don't respect LSU football (we would have respected it a lot less had Coach Miles let Mssrs Mathieu, Ware and Simon get off scot free for testing positive for K2 (fake marijuana) last week), but because TV fans don't get to experience one of the best things in all of college football: The Night Game in Death Valley.

Death Valley at night is legendary. The place has set off mini-earthquakes in the past for LSU games. Visiting fans have said that Death Valley at night is one of the loudest places they've ever visited (one Georgia fan quipped after the Bulldogs put 52 past the Tigers in 2008: "It also went to one of the quietest when we scored on our first four possessions)." It's the sort of atmosphere that makes college football so special. The fans love it. The people watching the TV love it. But why do the powers that be at CBS seem to hate it so much? I mean, where do Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson have to get off to on a Saturday night?

For crying out loud, before THAT game in 2007, Verne himself said: "LSU Football on a Saturday night. There's nothing quite like it in all of college football." And according to friends who regularly go to Baton Rouge for games, there isn't - and a big reason why this stadium should be on everyone's must-visit list (including ours).

Speaking of special atmospheres, we'd love to make sure ALL SEC games on CBS were played at night, and - apart from the university police - we know that the fans would agree. There's something special about SEC stadiums when the fans have had all day to pour some adult beverages down their throats, sing the fight song 900 times, dance to warm-up music, eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner at their tailgate spots. In fact, it doesn't get any better. Oh, and the scenery behind the hedges isn't too bad either, if you catch our drift.

If you don't believe me, get to a night game in an SEC stadium in the afternoon and then get to one at night. We can assure you we're right - even at the smaller schools.

Now, back to that 2007 game...

Note to CBS: Can't wait to see the LSU -Alabama game in primetime!