Week 6 Afternoon Recap: Gators, Cows, Hawkeyes Chomped

It's not every college football season when you have the satisfaction of saying: "Penn State beat Iowa", but this was one of them.

And yes, we realise that it wasn't everyday that we say this, but for once the VFA  didn't care about the anaemic offense.....all we wanted was a win.

In a game that was more about tackling and kicking than it was about beautiful offense, Penn State won 13-3 in a rare roaring atmosphere at Beaver Stadium, despite the fact that again the place wasn't full. And on the quarterback situation, it looks like Matt McGloin's going to be taking over as quarterback, despite his usual interception and knack of overthrowing his receivers. The kid's got balls, and we have to give it to him.

And here's to Al Davis, who died last week. In the words of the old Raiders owner: "Just win baby". And Penn State just did, and moves to 5-1. Although no, it's not pretty to watch.


Speaking of 'not pretty', we think Texas would rather have pulled out a horrifyingly ugly 13-3 victory over Oklahoma instead of getting absolutely branded by the Sooners as they did in the Red River Shoot-Out at the Cotton Bowl.

The Sooners took advantage of Texas' young offense to destroy the Longhorns 55-17 in one of the most complete performances of the season.

Of course, they won't get any love from the National Football Writers, who will probably say that Vanderbilt's a more difficult team to play than any of the teams that Texas has beaten thus far. Therefore they'll probably end up No. 3.

We'd put the Sooners No.2, simply because we want to see them in a match-up against either LSU or Alabama.

LSU are still our No.1 in the nation after they absolutely destroyed the Florida Gators 41-11 - a destruction that included a 'Middle Finger To Tim Tebow Jump Pass' that let any team that had been on the end of an Urban Meyer ass-whopping smile guiltily.

This was an incredible performance for the Tigers. Sure, they'll debate for hours why their kicker didn't get a TD, but you should celebrate on your way to the house, should you?

Ask teams that have been on the end of that sort of B.S. celebration call.....like the Georgia Bulldogs. Against which team? Oh yeah, LSU.


Mike Patrick couldn't stop saying the words "Holy Cow!" while talking about the incredible game at a deafening Lane Stadium which ended as Virginia Tech 38, Miami 35. Of course, we might still be playing if Jacory Harris' clock management had been better. He obviously hasn't been schooled on the one minute drive. And if he was, then what in the hell was he playing at? Seriously, this game was an instant classic (we only caught the last 5 minutes, so will be watching again if and when it becomes available).


A few more points:

1) Kansas State is still perfect after beating Missouri. Kudos to Bill Snyder.
2)  Alabama has just gone 7-0 up on Vanderbilt. Georgia has a 3-0 lead in a loud, loud, loud, Neyland Stadium.
3) Arizona State - still the sexy pick for the Pac-12 - crushed Utah 35-14. Utah is now 0-3. The Pac-12 is kicking themselves for not begging Boise State to come join the party.
4) Stephen Garcia might be sitting on the bench for rather a long time after a great performance from his replacement Connor Shaw. He threw for 311 yards and four touchdowns. And no interceptions. I repeat...no interceptions.