Travel Countdown

It’s now less than 48 hours until Ruby, my mom and I head across the country to visit my ailing grandma along with family and friends that we rarely get to see.

Up until about two days ago I was really excited about the trip – I mean super excited. I was looking forward to every single minute of it – right down to the drive to the airport at 5:30am. But the past few days have been crazy and I’m tired and stressed and I am circling the outskirts of Breakdownville.

On top of shopping and planning and attempting (unsuccessfully) to pack – which is one thing when you only have yourself to worry about, but is an entirely other thing when you are responsible for someone who is not quite 3 years old – Ruby suddenly turned into a child demon on Sunday evening and has not fully made the trip back to her normal self (which is challenging enough thankyouverymuch). Lincoln decided to hop on the Crazy Train as well yesterday and he yell-cried from 4pm to 9:30pm (with another hurrah at 3am). Teeth? I dunno. It doesn’t even matter at this point. All that matters is that between the two of them, over the past couple of days they have sucked every ounce of life from me. 

Last night both kids were screaming from their beds at bedtime, for way too long. I was waiting for my tenant downstairs to call the police. I’m sure she must think we burn our kids with cigarettes and make them drink battery acid from their sippy cups at bedtime.

My house is filthy. I mean, filthy. There is enough dried food on the floor to feed a small country. I am the only one who cares about it though – nobody else seems to mind wearing slippers made out of goldfish crackers and granola bar crumbs. On a related note, the ants I see traipsing through the house look well fed and happy.

The fridge is bare and more than once I’ve considered reconstituting the milk that’s dried on the shelves inside the fridge so I didn’t have to go to the store.

Let’s not talk about the bathroom. If I could condemn it from use, I would.

I’m hoping that a magic fairy comes to visit while I’m gone and my house will be sparkling clean when I get home on Monday afternoon… *ahem*

I truly am looking forward to this trip. It’s just that the build up to it has left me with little patience, very little energy, a giant headache and an empty bottle of Advil. There is still a ton to get done (remind me to pick up more Advil) and I’m hoping I can pull it all together last minute. Sadly, I imagine I’ll be stuffing my suitcase and searching for travel documents at 4am on departure day.