TCU to the Big XII: A move that makes sense

And finally, a move that makes sense.

Syracuse and Pitt's move to the ACC makes sense to all of you who love the Ides of March, but when you're thinking Fall Ball, you're wondering why they did it.

And then you remember: The Green.

Anyway, the Big XII is going to be inviting TCU to come and play in their conference, which isn't such a bad move after losing Nebraska and Colorado (they'll be missing one of the two by season's end, and it won't be Colorado!).

TCU comes with Gary Patterson, and a Rose Bowl victory, and it's a great place to get some rivalries started now that Texas A&M has gone and taken the Texas rivalry with it.

We look forward to a TCU-Texas game.....for all the wrong reasons....

(Thanks to SI for the photo) -