Stunner in Sparta: Week 8 thoughts....

Wow, we're still getting our hearts back after an exhilarating, pant-wetting end to Week 8 after the play-of-the-year that saw Michigan State upset Wisconsin on a Hail Mary and Texas Tech give Oklahoma Sooners fans a boot to their National Championship Game Hopes.

So without further ado:


Michigan State/Wisconsin

Both teams get the VFA's props in the Game Of The Day. Amazing ending with Kirk Cousins' Hail Mary beating Wisconsin 37-31, but Wisconsin's fervent comeback in the second half will have Badgers fans thinking about Indianapolis with a fire in their belly. Can't wait for the rematch in December!

Texas Tech

Considering they were 30 point underdogs going into Norman, we'll go as far as saying that no-one thought the Red Raiders would be Oklahoma on Saturday night. Well, they did. A fast start nearly became a grim ending for Tommy Tuberville, but fate was on his side, and the 41-38 scoreline stands out as the biggest upset of the season so far.


The Cardinal started slowly then exploded against Washington in the Pac-12 favorite's biggest game of the season so far (they were 7-0 against dross before this), with Andrew Luck - again - having all the fun. And the defense is for real, too. We can't wait for the USC and Oregon games.


Came into Notre Dame in night game circumstances and many thought it could be the Trojans undoing. But the Trojans stepped up, and Matt Barkley and Robert Woods both proved why they'll be playing on your Sunday television very soon indeed. Plus, they caused the turnovers that proved to be the Irish's undoing (again). Next up is a clash with the Cardinal at the Coliseum. We still remember this game in 2007:

Penn State

We marked this on our cards as a game that would be the Nittany Lions' undoing, but the second half defense came up trumps and Matt McGloin was no awful as Joe Paterno's side went 7-1 in Evanston. Devon Still's the real deal, by the way. And so's Silas Redd.


Brutalised North Carolina despite Sammy Watkins not having a great game. This Clemson side looks as though it's for real, but when is this side - to quote a million Twitterers and Kirk Herbstreit - going to go back and 'be Clemson'?


Three out, no bother. The Tigers were so terrific against Auburn, we were scared that Mike might get put down for cruelty to birds.


Notre Dame

Killed themselves (AGAIN!) with turnovers in front of a packed and noisy stadium in South Bend. When is this team going to learn?


Excuse me while we stop laughing, 'Big Game Bob'...

 Kansas State

Hammered KU in the State Rivalry game. The outcome was perhaps expected, but the 59 points they put up wasn't. Bill Snyder for Coach of The Year 2011 (and not because of the Jayhawks result, either!)

Georgia Tech/Illinois

Two weeks ago these two were unbeaten. Now, after back-to-back horrible performances, we have this question to ask: What in the heck happened? Still, they have the chance to be spoilers for other fans' seasons...