Spent a day at work... uggg, I'm loosing faith in the human race. Oh well keeps the cash flow coming in and hopefully the cruising kitty building.

Looking at things, Jennie and I should have most of our stuff purchased at this point, sans boat specifics: generator, dingy & motor, tools, navigation (gps, nav computer and systems with world maps), foul weather gear and spares, basic spare parts, pressure washer, pressure cooker, galley ware, life jackets (with harness), computers, cameras, tablets, phones, external hard drive, ereader, bedding, towels, clothes, sunscreen (sweet sales on in the PNW in October), flashlights, headlamps, knifes, fully stocked offshore medkit, three years supply of contacts, lots of pairs of glasses (in case a pair or two are sacrificed to the gods)........ most of the stuff we need. It sounds like a lot, but this is probably bare minimum (ex., erader vs 1000 books). The hard part will be deciding what not to take. It does make the cost a lot easier to swallow when you outfit a boat for cruising and then just have to change boats, plus we know what to leave out this time around. So hopefully you all feel rest assured we are taking care of everything, and we have most things covered. Let us know if you have any suggestions of things that might help.

Tomorrow is round two with the passport office..... It's no wonder the Canadian flag is a maple leaf surrounded by red tape. Wish me luck.