So, yesterday as I was struggling through another day at work, Jennie took the passports and applications in to be renewed. Because she is changing her name, she had to fill out a full application, where I just had to do a simple one. Well when she got to the office, they took my passport from her and told her it was damaged.  What had happened is water got spilled on it, and the ink I used to sign my name ran. So this shouldn't be an issue because I travelled through the most uptight border in the world, the USA border and the Mexican border..... Well as it goes, when you go to renew your passport in Canada, and they deem it damaged, you cannot renew it, you must go to a notary and get declarations signed, and do a full application..... It's not like we lost it, we brought the passport in to be renewed. So they wouldn't give her the passport back, nor would they renew it (and in the process take it)...

Hopefully I can look back on this bureaucratic red tape when we are dealing with similar situations in small countries, and remember; at least I can pass the time on a boat in the tropics instead of in a chair in a cubicle.

Other than that issue, I want to say congrats to my colleague Eolo and his baby's mama whom just had a baby boy yesterday.

Oh Happy birthday to my mother this past Tuesday.

All in all things are chugging along, and tasks are being taken off the list everyday.

And for this weekend, bring on the Turkey dinner.