Sitting in my office today reading the recent news headlines, I have come to a realization; the Generation X working class today did not take their childhood fables seriously enough. So many situations in the world today can be connected to children's fables. The situation in Greece is Chicken Little, the stock markets and economy are The Tortoise and the Hare, and the employment situation is definitely The Ugly Duckling.

A country that has in their constitution that it is unlawful to fire an employee who works for the government, like Greece, is the acorn in Chicken Little. The more it, the government, grows the heavier it gets, and the tree (private sector) supports it. At some point the acorn will fall. Those that invested in Greece looked at this country (tree) and said "Look here! Look at the size of the acorns on this tree. If it can produce acorns this size it must be able to produce acorns twice the size! I want this tree!" The problem being, acorns can only grow so big and then the acorns are going to fall. When they do, pick them up and wait for a new batch next season…. But more importantly look up, compose yourself; the sky is not falling, it's just a bloated government with bad rules that lacks the support of the private sector, a bunch of nuts.

The Tortoise and the Hair, slow and steady wins the race right?  The people trading the markets right now are fast paced mutlitaskers who can do many different things, which is a polite way to say that our markets are run by individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder, a volatile bunch. In reality as long as people show up to work, earn a paycheck, and get on with their lives, things will balance out. Don't look to the stock market if you want to see stability, the traders are the hares of this world. Look to the entrepreneurs who persevere, understand it's a long race, and are the eventual winners. They pace themselves. They are the tortoises.

Now this brings me to our current employment situation. We are looking at a workforce full of cute little ducklings, while the ugly ducklings grind and persist against a certain amount of austerity. Support exists for those who obey the rules and look the part, which for a system means stability. However, for growth you need innovative minds, those who are capable of much more, and yet need the opportunity to grow. So right now the ducks and ducklings amass are making life hard on the ugly ducklings. It is times like these when the ugly ducklings grow into swans, and can handle the austerity everyone is now facing. The ducks just aren't capable; they're ducks right, they'll never be a swan.

All in all, I feel our society has lost it's ability to be patient, and let things work out. When it is time to fix a problem, it needs to be fixed 100%, right now. The moment something small drops on their head, they freak out and announce to the world that the worst possible outcome is occurring. We need to run as hard as we can to win the race, hang out and laugh about it and wag our fingers at everyone when we're ahead, and make excuses when we start to fall behind. But have faith in our society, in our genetics, in our history; there are a lot of ugly duckling who are starting to grow into swans. Don't fear the swans, there are bigger things out there for them than duck work, and they'll attract more people to the pond.

Rant complete.