Remember, Remember, the Fifth Of November - A Really Early LSU-Bama Preview

If you aren't excited about LSU playing Alabama on November 5th, you absolutely should be.
Unless you're at a funeral, or it's your own wedding (the question: Why in the hell would you be having it on college football day???), or the world has been wiped out, you should be sitting, gawping at a television.

This game isn't the biggest game of the season. It's THE biggest game of the season. Of course, everyone will talk about how we haven't had the SEC Championship Game yet, or Oklahoma hasn't played Texas A&M, Baylor or gone to Oklahoma State yet, but let's make this clear: this is the granddaddy of them all....2011 style. Whoever wins this game wins the SEC West, goes to the SEC Championship Game, and goes to the National Championship Game. Wow. So not much to lose then?

Here's why:

1) LSU and Alabama have two of the best defenses the country has seen, and have beaten the crap out of everybody who's been in their way so far. We expect it to continue until November 5th.
2) Both teams will boast of NFL first round picks. Trent Richardson will be trying to ram the ball down the front of the LSU defensive line, while Tyrann Mathieu is a human highlight reel in the secondary trying to stop him.
3) There is so much damned speed on both teams - a big reason why both teams are going to be unbeaten going into the 'Tussle For Tuscaloosa'.
4) Awesome fanbases. Both sides are going to be loud, rude and in the mood. For the record, we love drive through dacquiris MORE than we love deer stalker hats, but it's a close run thing. And for both sides, there's Bama Bangs, Ramming Jamming, and gloating. Oh, and they absolutely hate each other.  And love to gloat.
5) Nick Saban. Or as LSU fans call it, Nick Satan. The Poisoned Dwarf left LSU, failed to coach well in Miami, and returned to LSU's most hated rival....the Crimson Tide. Gulp. On the other side of the field, is the world's craziest coach, one Les Miles. Call it what you want, but he's been awesome. He eats grass, he's 'at one' with his team, and he calls crazy plays - and gets pissed when he gets called out.

Oh, and it wasn't a bad game last time....