When I sent this letter to Steve Nash Fitness World I had no personal agenda. I was genuinely pissed off and genuinely only wanted to terminate my membership with them.  I was truly disappointed in how I was treated and had no desire to continue attending the facility, much less paying them a monthly fee.

This is a HUGE company with multiple locations and I did not think that they would respond to my letter.  Honestly it just felt good writing it and sending it off. 

I was satisfied when I received an email response within the hour letting me know that my membership was cancelled and no further fees would be deducted from my bank account.

End of story.  Or so I thought.

Later that evening I discovered that I had a few messages on  my home phone (which I rarely check) from both the regional fitness manager of Fitness World and from the manager of the North Delta location where I was a member.  Both sounded genuinely concerned with what I experienced and asked that I return their calls.  The regional fitness manager went so far so to give me her email address and personal cell phone number.

The regional fitness manager and I connected this afternoon via cell phone. 

I have to say, I was impressed with her concern over my unpleasant experience and her desire to make it right.

She has offered (and I have accepted) to give me three months of membership plus she is going to PERSONALLY become my personal trainer - for... free.  She does not live near the Fitness World location that I attend yet she has set up an appointment for me next Wednesday evening to give me a proper personal assessment and set me up on a fitness program that will be tailored to my needs and goals.  And she has said she would give me a few additional sessions at no cost.

I am pleased and pleasantly surprised that someone cared enough to do something about my experience and to make it right.

That doesn't happen all that often these days.