Not Remotely Like Mike, or Bob: Stoops Out in Arizona

The first big coaching casualty of the season has happened in Arizona, with Mike Stoops given his marching orders by the U of A administration after a terrible, terrible start of the season.

Arizona hasn't just been bad this year. They've been terrible. They embarrassed themselves on Thursday Night Football against Oklahoma State, and they started the season 1-5. Not only that, but they were also 0-5 in the last five games of the 2010 season, which meant that Stoops already has his seat pretty warm before the season started.

The rumour mill once again has it that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will take over the reigns - which would be loved by any college football fan outside of Tempe, where suddenly there's a lot of love for the Sun Devils.  Sure the games wouldn't be beautiful to watch this season, but next season, Arizona would worry a lot of teams.

One question: Does the Pac-12 have to ask ESPN as to whether they would approve of his hiring?