fall brings a welcome change from the fever of summer work out in the great open. more inside studio work occurs, particularly at one location i hold dear to my heart: the oakland scottish rite. the masonic organization has been held under the scrutiny of the public eye thanks to pop fiction and movies that feast on the intrigue and mystery of secret societies ,but i am here to tell you these men are nothing less than professional, kind, driven by the betterment of the person and the spirit, and are held together in a tight fraternity by the universal belief in the all-mighty. they welcomed me into their world in 1994 after scott and i were married there, when i was still green, "wet behind the ears" as a young photographer. mother-in-law gayle got me in the door, as she held the position of secretary.  john beringer put faith in me, which gave me confidence to continue. over the years the classes and tuxedos come and go, the years slip by and john has retired. others remain and continue to welcome me.the building's detailing by none other than the masons of the art-deco era continues to awe and inspire me. the intricacy of the ceilings, fixtures, paneling, use of rich fabrics, hand forged metals, stained woods, built in furniture, tiling, painting and scale of it all remind one of the lost arts of carpentry and excellence in building, and excellence in character as a choice. its formidable size, mysterious passageways, and quality of craftmanship beckon. going back to the scottish rite is like going back home. and the welcome received from the masons is as comfortable as visiting family. 

the public ceremony of investiture
and even in the midst of all this brotherhood and masculinity, a glittering bokeh can be found if one knows where to look...