jazz poster comes to life

the concept behind the jazz show's holiday publicity downtown posters: festive but not limiting, attractive but not cluttered, informative but not visually confusing, magical and wintery but not entirely christmas-specific. oh, and incorporate at least one dancer, of course. after some thought, the image of a snow globe filled my imagination, but how to create an empty one? after closely examining several in real life, it became clear that dismantling one for my specific use would not work. it needed to be a bit larger, and unique, from scratch. so setting out no farther than 2 square blocks outside of my house in little dublin, i came upon the raw materials: wintery silk flower parts, a 6" globe light fixture, and a candle base. add a white duct tape roll to get the elevation needed, and the set up looked something like this. any thoughts on how it will come to life?
wait no longer. the first draft:
although it's catchy and classic at the same time, it needs something to make it sparkle, to make the eyes move around the layout without knowing why. snow. yes,just a touch. what's a snow globe without snow anyway?