I went to the passport office today, I got my honourable member of parliament to guarantee my oath that my passport was damaged and that passport Canada took it from me. This is so I can take my passport applications and declaration to passport Canada who has my passport and get a new one... I makes no sense. So I got there, and they didn't know whether an MP could be a commissioner of oaths. So they played it up as if they couldn't and sent me away.

Well I was pissed, MPs are elected to make the rules and run Canada, including the passport office; and they girl at the office was the one who told me they could do it. So I went online and did some research.... Members of Parliament are ex officio commissioners of oath, it's kinda part of their job. So i think I'm just going to mail it in, I may have to wait an extra week, but they are complete idiots at the passport office. Probably because the country they grew up in didn't teach Canadian grade 10 social studies. Apparently a mayor or a policeman can administer oaths but not someone elected to the federal government... Seriously? Canada's future is starting to look dim.

So I'm leaning more and more to get out of this country, take our habits of hard work, our education, our acquired capital, and our ... get this passport office, and government workers... problem solving abilities somewhere else. Looks like the Tax base has just gotten smaller.

I don't know how countries like Canada expect to grow if they are letting people work for the federal government who would fail grade 10 social studies..... If I got the prime minister (who is just a glorified MP) to sign my passport doc, you'd say no.... are you stupid or something. 

I think what annoyed me the most was I do a similar role (customer service representative) and I always try to find a solution, or do what I can to solve the problem. I asked if there was someone there who could sign a new document for me, he said yes... And I asked if that person could do that, he said no.... I almost grabbed him by his turban and knocked him in the face. 

Anyways, I think I'll just mail it in. If I had told them he was a lawyer they would have just submitted it... They were so miserable there too.

Rant complete.... for now.