Cancellation - UPDATED

Attention: Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club;

I recently visited Steve Nash Fitness World, North Delta location (where I am a member) to go for a run on the treadmill. I was solicited by a woman at the front desk to sign up for a “free” personal training assessment with a trainer. I wasn’t looking for a personal trainer but thought maybe my regular routine could use some tweaking so I agreed and booked the appointment.

I was well aware going into this that there would be some sort of pitch at the end for me to buy some sessions with the trainer and considered that maybe this might be something I might be interested in and I went into it with an open mind.

I sat with the trainer at the beginning of the assessment and advised him that I am a busy mother of two very young children, I have recently lost 30lbs and I run 5km three times a week – usually from my home because that is the quickest and most convenient way for me to fit in exercise. I am generally happy with my appearance and my fitness level but would be interested in maybe losing a couple more pounds and perhaps toning up.

Unfortunately, the trainer obviously has a generic routine that he offers and in no way took heed of my situation. Not once did the trainer suggest any sort of a program that would be remotely tailored to a busy mother of two very young children who works full time. Instead he was concerned with telling me my flaws (excess belly fat, need to lose 20lbs, flabby arms, poor posture, sloped shoulders) and making sure I knew of all his credentials (body building champion, past manager of another gym, etc). All of that means nothing to me if he isn’t able to create a fitness plan that is going to work for me. This trainer couldn’t have been further off from my needs and goals despite the consultation prior to the workout when I explained to him everything that he needed to take into consideration.

Why would I – or anyone for that matter - spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a trainer who is not going to tailor a program to my personal needs, but instead try to push something very generic and in no way suited to me?

The icing on the cake was the woman pitching the sale. She was obnoxious and very pushy, even stooping so low as to tell me that if anyone found out she was offering to throw in two free sessions with the trainer that she would lose her job. That is a pathetic and very old school way to try to sell something. She was aggressively pushing for me to purchase a package on the spot, threatening that the deal was “literally” going to be gone within hours and I needed to commit immediately. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to think about it for a day or so and I expect a salesperson to understand that. Also, as I mentioned more than once, I have a family whom I need to take care of and can not just drop hundreds/thousands of dollars without discussing it with my husband. She didn’t care about that and was so obviously concerned with making a sale.

I would also like to mention how unappealing her appearance was. She was quite overweight and not overly well kept. This is someone who is representing your fitness club and trying to sell personal training packages – if her aggressive sales pitch didn’t turn me off enough, her unkempt appearance certainly did.

This unpleasant experience has made me realize that Steve Nash Fitness World is definitely not looking out for my health, well being or best interests and is more interested in bringing in cash. Therefore, I’ve decided that Steve Nash Fitness World is not the right fitness club for me and I would like to cancel my membership immediately.

Note: I had a reply within 45 minutes confirming my membership would be cancelled as of the end of this month.  Sadly, nobody cared to address the reasons outlined in this letter.

I have recieved two separate voice messages from representatives at Steve Nash Fitness World however at this time we have been unable to actually connect.