Bevo baked: Impressed/Depressed Week 6

What a day to be a piece of meat. First, the steak: Bevo The Texas Longhorn was sliced, diced and cooked on the Oklahoma barbecue at the State Fair on Saturday in a game. Secondly, it was the turn of fried Gator, which was eaten heartily by the fans of Louisiana State University. Then, it was fried Buckeye, helped along by the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who overcame a hefty first-half deficit to destroy OSU and pour petrol on the fires burning from an already irate fanbase.



The only thing that UT had bragging rights on throughout the game was its cheerleaders and fanbase. The VFA was prompted to tweet: "Oklahoma. Keeping uglies out of the Texas side in the 2011 Red River Rivalry". To be fair to OU cheerleaders and 'fanbase', we shouldn't have put the word 'rivalry' on there, because it wasn't a rivalry, it was stomping. LSU or Alabama will have a game on their hands playing these in the National Championship (we hope!)


This was pretty straightforward for the Tigers. The 'D' blocked out Demps and Rainey, and destroyed the Gators on the other side of the ball. Not impressed by the fan giving CBS the finger in the second half, though. And although the fans might smell of corn dogs, they were mightily loud against the Gators. Who said they can't get rowdy for 3.30 kick-offs?

Penn State

What a defensive performance by the Nittany Lions. The Lions absolutely assaulted the line of scrimmage, holding the Hawkeyes once-potent offense to just over 250 yards and 3 points in a 13-3 victory. Nice work. And of course we know the quarterbacks aren't great.....but Silas Redd is!! Oh, and the noise at Beaver Stadium was loud, too. Nice to see some voice back in the fans. We go to Purdue with hope.


While we weren't impressed with the noise at the home of Big Red, we were impressed with Nebraska's recovery skills in turning round a 27-6 third quarter deficit to a 34-27 victory. Taylor Martinez' antics were once again enough to drive Bo Pellini to rage point, but we ask the question: When will Pellini grow up and/or have a heart attack on the sideline? Let's hope not too soon - this is too fun to watch!

Texas A&M

Managed to let Texas Tech reduce a 11-point half-time deficit to five by the end of the game, but really, A&M fans will be happy to see that they didn't crumble under the pressure of a double-digit lead. Special love to QB Ryan Tannehill, who's continuing to be a College Station good news story. He's not Robert Griffin or Landry Jones, but he's pretty darned good. Don't be shocked if he gets drafted. NFL fans love a mobile quarterback, after all.

Kansas State

Many fans predicted Mizzou to rumble into Manhattan and come out with a victory, but they were wrong: Kansas State's renaissance continued and they won an exciting game 24-17, despite being out-matched in yardage 326-286, they ruled the time of possession 38:28-21:32. And that's a recipe for winning games.


Going into halftime 15-14 down to Cal and looking shabby, the Nation's Most Exciting Team exploded in the second half, reeling off 29 unanswered points to win the Thursday Night Fight 43-15. Having said that, the victory might be phyrric with the injury to LaMichael James, which almost made this viewer puke watching it. Get well soon.


Lately Georgia hasn't been great at beating Tennessee at Neyland but this week the Dawgs looked very impressive indeed. But the best thing about their victory? The 2nd and 56 the offense had. The reaction's pretty priceless, too.

Virginia Tech/Miami

Great game played in an off-the-hook atmosphere. We think Mike Patrick is still saying "Holy Cow!" in the commentary box. We would be. The game turned out 38-35 Virginia Tech, with Logan Thomas running in the winning touchdown with 56 seconds left. 



"Well, at least we have our cheerleaders and sorority girls" a Texas fan told me - who actually went- to me after the game, while also remarking: "We suck". Well David, you're right on both counts.

Ohio State

Fans blame Luke Fickell for abandoning the run after Braxton Miller came off with an ankle injury. Of course, these fans forget that Devier Posey's been banned for another five games, and this is simply a weak team. Anyone got a cheap ticket to the Horseshoe for the Penn State game?


Down 2 quarterbacks before this game started, there was only going to be one winner, and that wasn't Florida. And when LSU went 14 points up, the game was pretty much over. If I'm a Gator fan, I turn up to every game so drunk that I've got one eye open because I'm lacking so much focus. It might the only way to get through it.

SEC Officials

LSU fans will still be enraged that their punter didn't score a touchdown on this play. Apparently it was for celebrating before going into the end-zone. Sound familiar, Georgia fans? The officials weren't a lot better in the Georgia-Tennessee game. In fact, we go as far as saying that they were far, far worse. At least they didn't miss an extra point, eh?

Stephen Garcia

There's no truth to the rumour that after Connor Shaw's four touchdown effort in South Carolina's win over Kentucky that Garcia was seen with a bottle of Jack drowning his sorrows. It's funny, because he's not getting his job back anytime soon!


Losing Justin Hunter was bad enough, but now Tyler Bray? And the next game on the Vols agenda is the visit of LSU? Gulp...

Anyway, here's the best moment of last week: The VT-Miami game..