Awful game, nutty victory: Paterno passes Eddie Robinson on the Division I all-time list

Wow. What a game.

I'm not glad to say I went through the whole of Penn State's goddawful 10-7 victory against Illinois, but I did.

Both sides seemed to be stunned by blizzard conditions, which entered State College and Beaver Stadium like a thief in the night and spread its claws all over the North-Eastern seaboard.

In short, it brought the terms "White Out" to a whole new meaning, when the student section was shivering its collective ass off waiting for Joe Paterno to collect a victory that would see him pass legendary Grambling coach Eddie Robinson for first all-time on the Division I list.

At half-time of a mistake-prone, truly dreadful first half, it was 0-0. No, we're not joking. Penn State quarterbacks Matt McGloin and Robert Bolden were both absolutely dreadful in the first half, and Nathan Scheelhaase was equally poor. And yes, we think the conditions - where it was hard for each team to hold onto the ball - played a massive, massive part.

Anyway, the second half featured Illinois looking a little more on top, with both teams adjusting to each other's weaknesses.

With around 3 minutes left in the third quarter, Illinois took the lead and we could feel ourselves beginning to use the sort of language that Mom told us not to use in front of polite company (we were watching this game at friends for dinner!).

Then, a field goal late on. Hope? Not with this offense. Then, the second-to-final drive of the game, with McGloin leading. Hope? Nope. But McGloin - for all the hatred yours truly and the rest of Penn State Nation have thrown at him - proved us wrong, starting an 80 yard drive which ended in new State College hero Silas Redd running the ball in for a touchdown. Happy? We nearly jumped over the wall.

Then, the moment. Wow. Moments like this don't happen often in sports, and when it's the opposition kicker who's nailed his last 10 in a row, you swear to God it's not going to happen to you. But Derek Dimke (an unfortunate name for a college kid), splattered the ball against an upright with the potential, and Beaver Stadium went absolutely crazy.

So did we.