Wisconsin Welcomes Wilson and Wins....And Worries?

It was a beautiful Thursday night for college football all over America.

The nation's attention went to Camp Randall, Wisconsin, where we watched Wisconsin tear UNLV a new one in what was Russell Wilson's coming out party as the new man on campus.

God knows ESPN talked about him enough - and we can understand why....because otherwise you probably would have turned this thing off after the first quarter (yep, UNLV were that bad!).

True, the only thing that kept us watching the game was Twitter (where we got to insult a) UNLV ("an insult to terrible") and b) UNLV's offense.

But if you're a resident of Camp Randall, you should be worried.

Not because of 'Jump Around' - that was awesome.

Not because of Montee Ball and James White, who might just be the best 1-2 running back combination in college football and running behind the Red Ogres, they will put a ton of points on boards around the B1G (or whatever it's called!).

Not because of ESPN's shots putting Mad-town into a bad light - they were the sort of shots that make you want to visit Madison immediately on a Summer's day like that (although the University's offical Twitter site told us it gets a little chilly in December) - and especially jump into the lake!

But because of that defense. It was absolutely awful. UNLV ran the past Wisconsin at the edges at will. That's probably why Bret Bielema kept Wisconsin's defensive starters in for the whole game, and didn't look too happy when the Running Rebels put up their third touchdown of the night to a) make it 50-17 but b) Cover Las Vegas' 34.5-point spread before the game. Not because we think Bielema was gambling, but he probably thought his 'D' needed a workout. And they STILL do. They need a workout that's called "Extra Tackling", because you can be sure Oregon State will FLY past them if there's a problem. And remember folks, Oregon State isn't as terrible as UNLV.

Anyway, a win's a win in Madison. Jump Around.

In other games:

Arizona State unveiled a new kit before beating the crap out of UC Davis, who were last made famous for a show about sororities....

Syracuse beat Wake Forest in overtime in the game of the day.

Kentucky beat Western Kentucky in a game that we can safely say WON'T be part of ESPN's 2011 end-of-season highlight reel. However, EveryDayShouldBeSaturday has got a hysterical moment from it. Watch and giggle. 

And Mississippi State beat Memphis. Comfortably. And impresses this writer.....