Tigers Roar: Impressed/Depressed: Week 4 of the College Football Season

There are two kinds of tigers. The nice fluffy ones and the ones that aren't. The tigers from Baton Rouge and Clemson really weren't on Saturday, making sure that both are in with National Championship Game shouts as the season enters its second third.



The Bayou Bengals seem to be used to noisy stadiums, as they coped with the wired atmosphere in Morgantown and overcame a start-of-second-half falter to win out 47-21. The defensive line is something special, and that's why the Mad Hatter is No.1. Or should be.


Florida State came to Death Valley and for the second time in a row, the orange army were ramped. We might hate the brightness of their clothes, but Death Valley when the team are competitive is never a nice place to play. Clemson won out 35-30, and if they beat Virginia Tech on Saturday, they are suddenly primed for an ACC title run.

Oklahoma State

This was always going to be a streetfight, but when the Cowboys stumbled to a 20-3 deficit early and we weren't sure if Justin Blackmon & Co really wanted to come to the show. In the second half,  the Cowboys reeled off 20 straight points and quietened an off-the-hook Aggieland, winning out 30-29 in a thriller. Brandon Weeden might just start getting some Heisman noise, while Justin Blackmon's spill while going into the end-zone may win his ESPN's Sucky Plays Of The Week.


We thought Arkansas would provide a test for 'Bama's NFL Draft Picks (known as their defensive line). They didn't. Alabama rolled 38-14 in one of the most complete performances of the week. Can't wait for the Tide's visit to (deep breath) Florida this weekend.


Came to town and many anticipated Maryland coming back with a victory. Well, Temple absolutely stomped on the Terps, winning 38-7 over the Team With The Horrible Shirts.

Arizona State

We stayed up to watch this one, and regardless of what the guys in the press box say, Arizona State were fantastic and completely and utterly outperformed SC in a 43-22 victory. The Trojans' four turnovers were forced by the Sun Devils, who - spurred on by another electric crowd - are now in prime position to win the Pac-12 South. Oh, and forgot to mention another thing: this team has got a TON of speed.


Well, not actually Baylor, but more Robert Griffin III. Griffin III - who may just be the most fun-to-watch player in football - threw for 338 yards, and FIVE touchdowns. Oh, and he also rushed for 51 yards and a TD too in Baylor's 56-31 defeathering of the Owls.

Penn State

First of all, we know it was Eastern Michigan. But for the first time all season, Penn State's offense actually looked cohesive, backed by a tremendous defensive performance. True, the victory was somewhat pyhrric bearing in mind Michael Mauti tore his ACL (now out for the season) and D'Anton Lynn had to be stretchered off, but the win was impressive nonetheless. I noticed how the 'FireJoePaterno' crowd went a little quiet today, too...

Georgia Tech/North Carolina

Sadly, there had to be a winner in this gargantuan match-up. Tech won out 35-28, but this was one of the games of the week. Special mention to the Heels, who seem to be getting better and better since the loss of coach Butch Davis. It's funny what a lack of NCAA distractions can do for you, eh?

West Virginia 

It wasn't so much West Virginia's TEAM that we were overly impressed with, it was the crowd. Even with the Mountaineers down handily in the fourth quarter, the crowd stayed on and cheered their team. They also made College Gameday on Saturday absolutely awesome.


Texas A&M

Went from sublime (first half) to awful (second half) very quickly indeed. The fans were great all day long at Kyle Field in the 30-29 to Oklahoma State, but how often must they be asking: Is this always going to be like this? Well, when the Aggies go into the SEC come next year, and it's going to get uglier if they get put into the west.

Ole Miss

Houston Nutt's hot seat just went to blistering after the Rebels' home battering by Georgia. The only fun thing about this team might be going to The Grove before the game. If the forecast is rain, just find a bar. You'll need the bourbon.


All we can think of is: How much do the 'Backs miss Knile Davis now? After being held to 17 (that's right, SEVENTEEN) yards rushing by Alabama's Pro Defense, there's a lot.


The Big East crew's screw-up cost Toledo a victory over Syracuse this weekend, after they failed to notice that the Orange's extra point had missed - even after a video replay. We'd be surprised if that crew aren't suspended for Week 5. And it wasn't just there. Jacory Harris' last-ditch rush for the line was ruled a TD....until video found out he was about a yard short...Come on guys - get a grip!

South Carolina

Imagine, for a moment, a day when a defense can stop Marcus Lattimore and an offensive line can block Jadevon Clowney. And on that day, we see Bad Stephen Garcia (like the one against Vandy who threw FOUR Interceptions). That day, South Carolina will lose, and lose badly. Why? Because they ain't that good right now, folks!

Oh, and here's that Justin Blackmon play again. It was truly awful.