I've had a bit of bloggers block this past week. Either that or I've been maxed out and something has to give when I'm maxed out. This week, that would be blogging.  I haven't even so much as looked at the world with "blog colored glasses" lately.  Usually I'm on alert for any and anything blog worthy but today I lifted my head from the wreckage and thought, "Hey, when was the last time I blogged?"


I've been busy - physically and mentally.  I've been totally absorbed with getting our basement suite ready for our tenant.  She is moving some of her stuff in this weekend.  We had SO. MUCH. STUFF down there.  So much.  It was ridiculous actually.  And I had to find a place for all of it. Garbage, donations, storage, upstairs in our living area.  Our living area has filled up dramatically. Actually it feels like the walls are closing in a bit.  Every nook and cranny and shelf and under beds and in closets and inside the automan and behind the chair - full of stuff.  Steve says the house feels "cozy" now but I just feel cramped. I'm sure I will adjust. 

And just when I thought I was almost done - I realized that once the place is empty... it needed to be cleaned.  Fuuuuuuuck....  Made even more challenging when your cleaning "helper" is walking along behind you eating a chewy, chocolate granola bar and dropping bits of it all along the way.  And when you stop to clean up the granola droppings she grabs your bottle of cleaner and starts going to town, spraying everything in sight as fast as she can.  And she's fast. And determined.

Did I mention that I did all of this single handedly?  With little to zero help from the other person who will be benefiting from the added income that our rental suite is going to provide?


But it's done now (pretty much).  And I'm glad.  So glad.

In the meantime, Lincoln came down with croup last week.  Poor little devil had a fever of 103 and sounded like a barking seal.  Croup is something that I'm terrified of.  My cousin had it when he was little and had to be hospitalized and put in an oxygen tent.  Luckily the doctor at the walk-in clinic (after waiting two hours to see him), prescribed a one shot dose of medicine (which I got after waiting an hour in the pharmacy). It was a ridiculously large amount of liquid to give to a 14 month old boy who was two hours past his bedtime. I held Lincoln down - wrapping my leg over his legs and hog-tying his hands together with one of my hands while holding a corner of his clamped shut mouth open with my other hand while Steve squirted syringe full after syringe full of medicine into the side of his cheek.  In the meantime, his incessant coughing prevented him (and all of us) from sleeping through the night.  He was up every hour, demanding attention for a few days.  He managed to taper it off to "only" needing us 3 times a night and now we're finally down to once a night.  I was slammed back into the trenches of sleep deprivation that came along with the early part of Linc's life. 

I did the Terry Fox Run this past Sunday.  I did it in the name of my late father-in-law, Stan.  I did it in his town.  I was just going to pay a registration fee but at last minute I was inspired by a coworker who wanted to sponsor me, so I did a very short stint of fundraising.  I managed to raise $140 in two days - thanks to my coworkers and family members.  The run itself was a bit of a challenge with a lot of incline and decline, a muddy gravel trail and one big motherfucker of a steep hill.  Still I completed the run in 29 minutes.  One of my best times for a 5km ever.  Steve wears his dad's gold necklace now but that day he took it off and put it around my neck to wear for the run.  I felt Stan out there with me while I did the run.  I saw him in an older man's legs in front of me, I saw him in the balding, grey haired gentleman directing runners from the sidelines and I saw him in the man with one squinty eye.  It was an emotional day.

Today though, I have taken a vacation day.  So has Steve.  We are sending the kids to daycare (with only a bit of guilt) and we're going to spend the day together.  First up - I'm getting a haircut this morning.  Then we're going to our favorite sushi restaurant for lunch and then maybe a little shopping.  I'm really looking forward to unwinding and relaxing and hopefully having little to no stress today.

I wish you all a refreshing and rejuvenating weekend.