swan lake

we arrived before the park ranger, matthew and i. we arrived before the sun, and before the warmth of day. they arrived shortly after and braved the cold of the wilds of the livermore hills. with the help of an entourage of parents hustling jackets and blankets, 2 1 /2 hours later we had a cache of imagery and a group of very wet dancers. they astound me. every time. swan lake is generally viewed on a stage with the backdrop of a lake and full moon. considering this mood and our lack of night conditions, i chose to experiement with the idea of infrared as an ethereal, emotive element. the images are saved in color as well. other experiments as well, as you'll see. every time i learn something new in these large sessions, finding details in composition, light, and posing to refine and improve on. improvements to details of the person included: next time i will remember to bring an extra change of clothes as i shot the subsequent event soaking wet from the knees down.