LSU Wins 2011's Game Of The Century

Like the Daytona 500 starting off the NASCAR season, college football always likes a monster kick-off to get everybody on its feet on Week 1.

This year wasn't any different, with LSU taking on Oregon at Cowboys Stadium for a clash between the 3rd and 4th-ranked team in the nation.

And if we're honest, only one team turned up - and it wasn't Oregon. 

Oregon's vaunted running game collapsed under the weight of having a completely new offensive line and a speedy, speedy LSU defensive front, and their defense collapsed under the continued battering of the LSU running backs. Oh, and to make matters worse, they made mistake after mistake, committing FOUR turnovers.

What also hurt the Ducks in their disappointing 40-27 loss was the fact that LaMichael James (having him in your fantasy team was a mistake, people!) came off for quite a while with cramps, but even he probably couldn't have done anything exceptional against a Tigers' defense which would have stopped just about anyone out there.

And if we're going to give credit, we've got to give it to Les Freakin' Miles. He managed life without Jordan Jefferson easily (and that's probably because he hasn't had a good quarterback in the Tiger Family since Jamarcus Russell), and Jarrett Lee, while his 10-22, 98 yard 1 TD performance wasn't exactly mind-blowing, was efficient enough not to make the Tiger family want to drag him out there and shoot him. 

Anyway, this is a good LSU team. And Oregon? They need to sort out their offensive line issues - and fast.