Lotti Golden: 'real and deep and touching'

One of the more interesting singer-songwriter albums of the late 60s was Motor-Cycle by teenager Lotti Golden, which has been memorably described as 'abstract cutting-edge drugged-out blue-eyed soul jam-jazz pop-rock'. In her native New York this summer I bought a copy of the LP containing the press pack Atlantic sent out with promos in April 1969. It consists of a custom envelope, a 4-page biography by June Harris, a glossy photo, a photo-card and a poem. Here goes:


In September 1969 Atlantic issued a cool funk 45 by Golden, which came in a promotional picture sleeve, and isn't on the LP: 

According to an interview Golden gave to Look magazine, dated September 9th 1969, she was working on a follow-up album to be entitled Blood Ring. That never happened, sadly, and her second, lesser and last album eventually crept out on GRT Records in November 1970. You can read the full article here: