It's Official

We said we were done. We swore. We took measures to prevent ourselves from getting in this position again. I have said a million times that I would NEVER do this again. Our last time was really very hard on me, I was very uncomfortable the whole time not to mention the stress and worry about the future. I felt that we were already a little cramped with the living space in our house and now we have to tighten up and prepare to make due with even less space.

It’s not going to be easy, but we have to find a way to be happy in our situation.

I haven’t wanted to talk about it much. And I was waiting to announce it until it was official. I guess now is as good a time as any to tell people that I am going to be a… landlord again!

We’ve been struggling a little with making ends meet since I’ve returned to the work force and we now fork out $1300/month for daycare. (Worth every penny, I must say – just hitting us hard in the pocket book.) We have made all the concessions and money saving moves that we can possibly make and we are just not making any progress. The feeling of sliding backwards, further and further into debt has been a “slight” strain on our marriage.

Since my weekly scratch ticket purchases are not panning out the way I had hoped, we finally conceded that renting our basement suite was pretty much our only other option to stay afloat.

I have to say I am very much a rookie landlord and I am uncomfortable being in that position. But since our previous tenants were batshit crazy and the experience was absolutely horrendous, I have learned a few things and am trying not to make the same mistakes twice.

I am also really uncomfortable with having strangers living inside my home so it was pertinent that we found the right person.  I think, and hope, that we have done just that.  The woman who we have agreed to rent the suite to seems lovely. I am trying to remain neutral towards her but the fact is that after interviewing her and meeting with her a few times, I like her more and more and get a good feeling from her. I PRAY that I’m not wrong about her, but she seems to be the almost perfect fit.

It will be a big change of lifestyle for us to have someone renting the basement below us. Firstly the basement is not only fully furnished but also at full capacity for storing our stuff. I have been busting my ass lately trying to get it cleared out, find new places to put things or to sell stuff off. Secondly, our house is 52 years old and has hardwood floors. We are a family of four with two really little kids. We are NOT a quiet lot. We will have to adjust to being a little quieter by yelling less, stomping less, crying less, chucking our sippy cups onto the hardwood floor less. Luckily our tenant’s work schedule fits fairly well with our usually most noisy times. Thirdly – we will be reduced from two bathrooms down to one. Gah!

When we originally bought our house I never, EVER had the intention of renting out the suite - in fact I was always dead set against it. Instead I thought it would be the ideal place to for our “entertainment zone”. This is where we’d have our sports paraphernalia, our cocktail lounge, our dart board/ pool table/ air hockey table/ ping pong, etc. It’s where we would entertain our friends after we’d put the kids to bed and could watch hockey games and cheer loudly without having to worry about waking them up. We’d have big family dinners for all the holidays and people could mingle downstairs and wander upstairs freely. All our friends from out of town would visit frequently and always have a comfortable and private area to stay.

Deluded as we were, pretty much none of that has happened. Instead, our quite lovely basement became a dumping ground for kids toys and any and everything else that we are not currently using.

In the end, and not without sacrifice, it is going to be the area that hopefully provides us with a little but of a financial buoy and hopefully saves us from having to sell our home and move into my parents basement.