Impressed/ Depressed: Week 2 Thoughts

'Twas a crazy day and night in college football. Michigan and Notre Dame took gos breaking each other's hearts at the end of a crazy night at the Big House, the SEC match-up between Georgia and South Carolina  was equally nuts, and Penn State got a fine lesson in football from Alabama.

Anyway, here's our feeling on a crazy, crazy weekend.


Michigan/Notre Dame

Was a wonderful game that flip-flopped until the final whistle. The Big House was loud (not a phrase we use often), the 'Maize Out' looked cool, and both sides came back at each other when they looked sure losers. This Denard Robinson kid's quite good, by the way.


They came, they saw, they conquered. Nick Saban seems to love hostile environments, because he's good at taking teams to victory in them. And worse, he showed a little class against the offense-less Nittany Lions by kicking a field goal when he could have gone for a touchdown in the 3rd. Can't wait for the LSU-Alabama game in October.


The VFA was lucky enough to attend the game at Sanford between Georgia and South Carolina, and what a clash for the ages. We were remarkably impressed with Georgia because after watching the Boise State loss, we thought this one might be over by half-time. But they played their hearts out - and were only a few freak plays away from victory. But 0-2 to start the season isn't making the locals happy. The crowd, though, were nice and loud.

South Carolina

I hate to say this, but Stephen Garcia might just be a dark horse for the Heisman. Could you name me a better quarterback under pressure in all of college football?


After the Utah State debacle, many of us figured Mississippi State would roll into Jordan Hare and roll out with a victory. It wasn't even going to be close. But Auburn surprised us. Sure, they nearly imploded at the end of the game, but managed to hang on for a 41-34 victory. What did we learn? Both sides aren't good enough to win the SEC West, let alone the SEC.


It wasn't so much that they beat BYU 17-16, but the fact that Mack Brown quickly realised that Garrett Gilbert wasn't the answer at quarterback, benched him before half-time, and brought in Colt McCoy's brother, Case....who was fantastic, by the way.


Last week we moaned about Wisconsin's defense. This week - after the Badgers scored 35 points and shut out Oregon State, we're a lot less worried. The Big Ten should be afraid.


Pat Forde called both sides' comebacks during this crazy game 'Lazarus-like'. We'd have to agree. And while it doesn't show us that both sides are particularly good, it DOES show us that this game (which incidentally the Cavs won 34-31 on a last-ditch field goal) was particularly fun.

Arizona State

The black-out of Sun Devil Stadium was almost as awesome as the game itself. We've never heard Tempe as loud as when Mizzou came rolling in on the second straight crazy game under the Friday night lights for ESPN. The Sun Devils won 37-30 in overtime (and are now ranked after Week 2). If they keep the penalties down, this could be the most dangerous team in the Pac-12.


Went into USC nine point underdogs and lost 23-14 on a blocked field goal that was returned to the house. If Utah can do this to one of the biggest teams in college football, then the maybe the Pac-12 South is deeper than many of us thought it would be.

Oklahoma State

Speaking of Pac-12 South, that was quite a beating that the Cowboys put on the Wildcats on Thursday night, wasn't it? What scares me is that Justin Blackmon is only going to get better this season....and the 'D' didn't look so awful either in its biggest test of the season so far.


Penn State

At home. A capacity crowd. The country watching. And? Penn State were dominated by this Alabama team. On a depression scale of 1 to 10 we're not quite reaching for the Librium, but if this carries on, we will be.


Losing 44-41 to your hated rivals in overtime is going to make you depressed. Particularly if you're a Hawkeyes fan who went to Ames for the game, because it would be a long journey back to the farmland from there.

Notre Dame

The Irish eyes aren't smiling. Brian Kelly's already seems to have given up on the season, saying his team's "not good enough". Which isn't exactly the approach you want, bearing in mind an offense like Michigan State's is rolling in at the end of the week.


Sqeaking by Wofford doesn't exactly bode well for the season, does it. Heck, at least the Auburn game this weekend's going to be exciting, by the look of it (because both teams can't defend a lead!).


My buddy told me not to sleep on Florida International. I did. And what happened? They went to Louisville and won! On the other side, this is the second game where the Cardinals have looked pretty horrible. Don't get us wrong, Charlie Strong's building something here, but he'd better do it quickly or he'll be strong-armed out of town.

Ohio State

Squeaking by Toledo 27-22 shouldn't exactly make Ohio State fans feel great about their trip to Miami next week. Luke Finkel ought to lock up the hotel to keep the boys out of trouble!

And to make Ohio State fans feel better, here's the ending of THAT Michigan-Notre Dame game....